3 Steps Your Warehouse Must Take to Handle Materials Safely and Quickly

Warehouse orders are up all over the country and now more than ever, safe workspaces are essential to keeping employees and staying in business. Take these 3 steps today to keep your personnel safe, and your orders speedily filled. Your warehouse has specific needs because no matter your industry, as you prep orders and store products taking these 3 Steps puts you in position to succeed safely.

  1. Invest in High-Quality Order Pickers

Stock Pickers, also known as Order Pickers have rapidly increased in popularity lately. This is due largely to warehouse orders being up significantly, but customers ordering in smaller quantities. As a result, warehouses must have a safe, effective process for employees to pick stock from high elevations.


The right Order Picker changes the time spent moving through the warehouse and fulfilling orders, and it reduces the safety risk of your company’s most valuable resources it employees.

In addition, Stock Pickers can be used for any repetitive action in the warehouse such as navigation, or cleaning.  Increases can customize Stock Pickers and Order Picker Platforms for your warehouse size and specific needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for ask. Remember, our team of engineers is committed to solving problems and finding answers for the movement, protection and storage of your warehouse materials.

2. Purchase the Right Safety Baskets

Your warehouse needs Man Baskets known for their quality and long service life. Unlike products sold by internet companies that are not built to code and fail audits, Inc. safety baskets meet the highest safety regulations. Be sure to research before you buy. Inc. ships each safety basket already assembled and ready to use. Man Baskets are painted yellow for high visibility.

Construction Man Baskets lift workers in the air using a telehandler and require the use. Forklift Man Baskets lift workers in the air using a forklift, attached to the basket by a safety chain. Each safety basket, regardless of type, is painted yellow and requires the use of a safety harness with lanyard. And as always, trust the team at Inc. to find a customized solution if you do not immediately see what you need.


  1. Choose Needed Forklift Attachments

Forklift accessories such as self-dumping hopperscrane baskets and drum handlers quickly improve efficiency. Carpet Poles are made of steel and can transport up to on the forklift.


Protect Your People, Increase Your Material Handling Efficiency

Planning Principle: Set clear objectives and specifications.

Standardization Principle: Standardize equipment and software without compromising on production, modularity, or flexibility.

Work Principle: Reduce the amount of warehouse movements without sacrificing on operating levels or productivity. Solutions shouldn’t lead to a reduction in output.

Ergonomic Principle: Prioritize worker health and safety while undertaking improvement efforts. Attempting to increase efficiency by making unreasonable or dangerous demands of employees is counterproductive and in some cases illegal.

Unit Load Principle: Ensure unit loads are the correct size and actually facilitate the flow of goods through a warehouse rather than causing bottlenecks.

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