A Buyer’s Guide for Warehouse Equipment

There are many ways for  moving loads on flat surfaces such as you could use a pallet truck, a hand truck or even a  platform truck as per your needs. And for lifting loads into working position  you would like to consider a high lift pallet truck or fork stacker. There are a lot of options available ,and we have to choose from them. So how will we came to know which one is best?

So we came to know across some important factors that help you to harvest in best equipment after talking and consider the points and observations of our experts.


What is Your Maximum Load?

This question is very common and important from the perspective of choosing a lifting equipment that What is customers maximum load? This is because just by looking at the ratings and price ,we can’t judge or choose anything as  costly and biggest does not always mean best.

There is a wide range of equipment to handle loads of all sizes. The Machine Roller carries items  that have weight capacities as low as 200 pounds depending on your needs.

Machine Roller: This roller machine from Wesco is made from steel with steel rollers for motion.


What Floor Surface Are You Moving On?

The working efficiency often depends on whether the wheel materials are suited to the type of flooring you work on. So its became a question to know the type of floor surface. The general rule of thumb is to choose wheel material that is the opposite of your flooring. So hard materials on soft floors and soft materials on hard floors. This hand truck comes with mold-on rubber wheels that are suitable for hard floors, but other material options are available if you have different flooring needs:

Hand Truck: This hand truck is made with a frame of 1 1/4 “ tubular steel and heavy gauge steel fenders to prevent the load from rubbing and acquires a 900 pound capacity for heavy loads.


Surface Texture

To improve the working of your truck you should know the texture of your surface  like a textured surface is generally better for lighter loads because it will prevent the load from shifting and falling off and a  smoother surface may be better suited to larger loads because it makes loading and unloading a little easier while preventing the load from shifting or slipping.


Platform Truck: This steel construction truck from Wesco has a steel bar grating deck to prevent slippage of the load. The platform truck has six casters, two 8” rigid casters in the center, and four 6” swivel end casters, providing a tilting design that allows the truck to pivot on its own radius. The truck weighs 170 pounds and has a capacity of 1750 pounds.


Specialized Loads Require Specialized Equipment

Drum Movers / Palletizers: This unit works for drums made of alloyed steel, plastic or fiber with a minimum height of 28.5”, and has a capacity of 1000 pounds.


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