About Us

Company Overview

Well, with globalisation the world in transforming into a digital stage and incorporating different technical adaptations. In such scenarios Robon Group has been putting up their firm and potential presence in the field of material handling equipments, machineries, automation and robotics for 20 years.

Having Inventions and innovation as the root intention the company is leading the way from being a phenomenal manufacturer to a trend setter in the domain of robotics. With adequate quality skills, experience and professionalism, we at Robon Group believe in exceptional in the technology and grow with every gadget we introduce.

Our Journey

Robon Group put step in the technical domain especially robotics and automation with a minimum setup- likewise a start-up. With the trusted support and service from our company, we satisfied many clients across globe.

Since then for the next 20 years our entrerprise is reliably delivering the best automative applications in the marketplace. We still believe in updating our manufactured stuff for the better implementations.


Innovation, invention, designing, implementation, and manufacturing are our basic processes. Furthermore, we provide the acquaintance with the installations of the systems and automatic conveyers. Especially, Robotics and Automation domain are our skilled fields and we believe in delivering the best related to the same.

We prioritize our services and supply for the customer needs. With every feedback and suggestion, we improve a bit consistently. At the end of the day customer satisfaction is what we actually aim for.