Buy Convertible Hand Trucks in Bulk

Material handling equipment is becoming more sophisticated as technology within the industry improves constantly. Automation and computerization have taken manually-operated machinery to entirely new levels. Today, if you have enough cash on hand, you could deck out your warehouse entirely with state-of-the-art machinery that almost entirely negates the need for human intervention!

Back in the real world of hyper-tight margins, most of us are forced to count on more standard equipment. You can’t get more standard (or more useful) equipment than the humble hand truck. But then the ‘humble’ hand truck has become even more sophisticated as well!

Introducing the Convertible Hand Truck

If you run a warehouse or production facility then you’ll understand how important, it is to keep costs down. The more savings you make on overhead items such as equipment costs, the better it will be for you and your company, as such costs will eat less into your profits.

One great way of cutting down on production costs, is to have pieces of equipment that perform more than one function. This way you’ll significantly reduce your equipment costs (both purchasing and maintenance) by not needing quite so much in the way of material handling items.

We are Leading Suppliers of Material Handling Equipment Worldwide

Like most of the companies – even the biggest multi-national companies – Wesco began from very humble beginnings. It’s perhaps hard to believe but Wesco has been in business for almost a century as a separate entity, and they can actually trace their roots all the way back to 2001!

We are most certainly still around, though. They started their life within selling and distributing to the industrial sectors. Over time, the company has significantly expanded what it does, and has become a leading supplier of all types of services to multiple sectors all around the world. They also consider themselves to be the number one supplier of material handling equipment within this great country of ours.

What else a Hand Truck Can Do

If you’re looking to save costs, then this versatile convertible hand truck is just for you. This value-priced truck comes in two sizes – junior and senior and is constructed with a sturdy, lightweight frame.  if you want operations to be smoother and to cope up with maintenance and to keep the tires inflated. Choose solid rubber, if you usually work across debris-strewn work places.

Our Hand Truck is Versatile

The true versatility of this truck comes with the adaptation from a two-wheeler model to a four-wheeler model, that is achieved by applying pressure to a pedal and then completing the conversion.

The larger wheels provide the traction, and the smaller wheels are held halfway up the frame. The frame supports loads placed on the nose plate in the same usual way.

Upon conversion, the entire frame of the hand truck becomes the bed of the platform truck. The main wheels still provide the majority of the support and the traction, but the caster wheels are lowered to the ground when the frame is ‘split’, creating a flat platform. You can then load your items on the platform, and use the four-wheel configuration as you do on any normal flat-bed hand truck.

Save Yourself Even More Money by Buying in Bulk

we are wholesale suppliers, who are always happy to fulfil bulk purchases at wholesale prices. We guarantee that you will find the Hand Truck so useful that, you will get more than one. An entire fleet of these versatile material handling tools is just what you need in order to have the material handling aspect of your business running at a maximum efficiency.

Naturally, by purchasing in bulk on a wholesale basis you will be saving money. We are able to do this because we do not have to maintain public-facing retail premises and can keep our staff overhead low. We also prefer to sell in bulk at wholesale prices as it saves on packaging and shipping costs. We could of course ‘eat’ all the savings we make ourselves, but instead we choose to pass these savings onto our customers. We are always on the lookout to establish mutually-beneficial supplier-customer relationships that are likely to flourish on a long-term basis.

The first step in building a relationship with us is to make initial contact. Our sales team specialists are experts in their field, and no matter what you are looking to purchase –  Hand Truck or otherwise – a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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