Can I use power steering fluid in a hydraulic jack?

In order to answer the above question we need to first understand what exactly a Power steering fluid is and how the Hydraulic jack works.

A type of Hydraulic Fluid , Power steering fluid is an essential part of modern vehicles as it transfers power to enable the drivers to turn the steering wheel easily. While most of the cars today make use of Power steering Fluid, Automatic transmission fluid is also a good substitute for the fluid -although the swapping of fluids should be done after thorough consultation.

A jack is any device used to apply great forces or to lift heavy objects. Hydraulic jacks are devices which use the pressure of hydraulic fluid or any type of fluid to apply force and lift heavy objects. It contains two cylinders joined side by side and uses the pressure of the oil to create enough force to lift heavy objects. Thus it works on the basic principle of pressure exerted by the liquid and converts it into a considerable amount of force.

As mentioned earlier power steering fluid is a type of Hydraulic fluid but it is not the fluid preferably used in a hydraulic jack. Although the term “fluid” can refer to any form of fluid it is best to use the hydraulic jack fluid or the standard fluid recommended by the manufacturer. That being said it is possible to use Power steering fluid in a hydraulic jack if no other option is available. In case of any other unavailability Automatic Transmission fluid or ATF as it is commonly called proves to be a much better substitute for the power steering fluid in hydraulic jack. Automatic transmission fluid can also be used in other hydraulic systems as a substitute for hydraulic oil.

In case of absolute scarcity even normal light weight motor  oils or machine oils also can keep the hydraulic jack running for a while.

To answer the original question- Yes, Power steering fluid can be used  in a hydraulic jack.

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