Do you need training to use a Manual Pallet Truck?

Pallet trucks or pallet jacks are predominantly found in warehouses storage spaces or in malls where they are extensively used to maneuver difficult to handle manually. The Pallet trucks are of two types-Manual Pallet Trucks and Electric Pallet Trucks.

Manual pallet trucks or Hand pallet trucks as they are also called are the most basic types of pallet jacks (pallet trucks).

The standard fork dimensions of a manual pallet truck are 27” *48” inches. The average amount of weight it can transport is up to 5000-5500 ponds. Its hydraulically lifetable forks are very handy cause once they are placed within the pallet.

They enable the pallet laden with products and weight by elevating them to appropriate heights and thus making it easy to be transported or stored anywhere. They can also be manually removed from this state.

Manually pallet trucks are comparatively easy to maintain requiring few servicing and attending to annually as compared to the electric pallet trucks. They are very reliable and highly durable as they depend on manual labor for the majority of operation.

Operating Manual pallet trucks do not require a wide range of specialist training. However, there are certain points that must be kept in mind while operating manual pallet trucks.

For instance, avoid moving the load in a vertical manner on the ramp as it may cause damage the ramp and also prove to be strenuous for the operator. Also, it will be better if you do not carry the riders on the trucks. Also make sure the weight is appropriately placed on the forks to ensure a good balance while maneuvering.

Avoid overloading and ensure the stability of the load. Always use both the forks for lifting. While transporting good maintain a controllable speed and while unloading make sure you use the neutral position as it will reduce the chances of operator fatigue. Lastly, an important advice.

Always makes sure you are wearing appropriate clothing while operating the pallet trucks. Use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as I will provide safety to both you and the machine.

Aside from the above important points to be kept in mind there is no requirement of undergoing special training to handle and operate the Manual Pallet Trucks.

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