Dock Leveler Replacement Parts

From time to time, Dock levelers parts should be replaced or upgraded. There
are various upgrades and Dock Leveler replacement parts available for Manual
and Hydraulic Dock Levelers.

There are some parts you need to replace or upgrade in your equipment:

  • Dock lights
  • Dock Lock parts
  • Springs and hold downs
  • Seals and shelters

Indication of Dock Leveler damage:

The Dock isn’t raising:
If the dock of your Mechanic or Hydraulic is not raising or it isn’t working.
Then, it needs to be repaired not replaced. Still, if you are not sure about it,
then call a professional for inspection.

The Dock is above or below the floor level:
If the dock is above or below the floor level, it means that your dock is not
aligned properly. The dock should be aligned properly to avoid falling and

The Dock lip is not closing properly:
The dock lip should be fully closed to secure safety while joining a truck to
the deck.

The Dock is stuck below floor level:
This is very common, at times the dock is stuck below the floor level. This
happens due to the disorder of the leveler to the floor level. The deck has
to be adjusted to resume its functioning.
Kinds of Dock Levelers Replacement parts that needs to be Replaced or Upgraded.

Dock Bumpers:
Dock Bumpers need to be replaced from time to time. It provides protection
for your facility and loading dock. So, when you see they are wearing out
or any crack on them, it needs to be replaced. The more you use your dock
bumper, the quicker they will wear out. If you have rubber bumpers, you
need to upgrade or replace them with steel-faced bumpers. This will help
you to assure a longer life of dock bumpers.

Springs and Hold-Downs:
Springs and Hold down is a device for Mechanic dock leveler which is
powered by coiled springs and helps to push the dock leveler up. The
leveler is at actual height when not in use. If the paws, paw springs or
ratchet fails, the leveler remains in the ‘’upward’’ position, and if the
springs break down, you don’t have to put the force to lift up the leveler.
The parts need to be replaced if this happens to secure proper operation of
the leveler.

Full Range Toe Guards:
Full Range Toe Guards assist to cover the whole travel range of the dock
leveler. It is not required on Mechanical dock levelers.

Dock Track Guards:
Dock Track Guards are designed to protect door tracks. It helps to keep
your door and productivity on track by avoiding overpriced door repairs.
Dock track guards are designed for mechanical and automatic doors. They
attach both the floor and wall for more longevity and strength.

Below-Level Controls:
It is a pull-chain that is attached to the dock leveler deck. When the ring is
pulled, the dock leveler enlarges so that the leveler can be located below
level. If it cracks or wears and tear after using, you will have to replace this

Hydraulic Pump Parts:
At a point of time, your Hydraulic Dock Leveler should be given for the
maintenance of the pump. If the leveler makes an unusual sound, it means
that there is an issue with the pump. You will have to repair or replace
related parts.

Lip Assist Assembly:
If your dock leveler’s lip does not appear, your lip assist assembly may
have been broken. Your equipment should be repaired or replaced.

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