Drum Handler is a Mechanical Equipment

A Drum handler is a mechanical equipment that is used to securely grip, lift and transport steel drums, barrels, plastic drums/cylindrical equipment’s. There are different types of drum handlers available in today’s market,  below-hook drum handling equipment is one of it.  To maintain a profitable and efficient production line in drum handling business, you need to have a proper equipment along each step of your process.

Drums can be heavy, and moving them around without the proper equipment can be time consuming, as well as potentially dangerous. A  below-hook drum handling equipment is  One of the best items used to transport drums.

How it works?

A below hook handler consists of twin hooks that are attached to a vertical cable. When we need to move a drum, the hooks are positioned beneath the drum’s rim. When tension is applied to the cable, the hooks grip the drum tightly. Then  the drum can then be lifted using a hoist, chain block or crane, and moved to wherever it needs to be relocated. The  ‘below hook drum lifter’ can be used with steel, plastic or fiber drums up to 1,000 lbs. in capacity. It can handle rimmed drums between 18-26” in diameter, but it is not suitable to use to hoist other items.

What is the Alternative?

This is a sturdy assembly manufactured with US-made steel that can be used to handle 55 gallon steel drums (the most common type of drum found in the USA) up to 1,000 lbs. in capacity.

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