Electric Power pallet jack trucks vs Manual Pallet Jack

Manual pallet trucks have a fascinating history associated with them.During the late-nineteenth-century Industrial Revolution, particular equipment was required to securely handle large products. In 1990, a simple hand pallet rack was created to elevate pallets a few inches off the ground manually. This pallet, on the other hand, could not transport items from one area to another.It solely depends on the operator for its movement.Additionally,if you have to move a fully loaded heavy pallet,it has the potential to exhaust you!

 The solution:

Pallet trucks with electric motors make transporting palletized goods more easier. They employ electricity stored in a battery to provide the benefits of power drive and power lift, reducing the amount of effort required by an operator to move merchandise. It also allows for the removal of manually controlled functions, allowing for increased productivity.


Investing in an electric pallet jack is a long-term investment that requires little maintenance throughout the course of ownership. The majority of ranges have capacities ranging from 1500kg to 2000kg.

When seeking to buy electric pallet jacks for your business, consider the following types, features, and benefits. Electric pallet trucks are battery-powered and must be recharged after each usage. If the pallet is used continuously, the battery will last around 3–4 hours.


  • SEMI-ELECTRIC PALLET JACK:The term “semi” refers to the use of electric power for only “half” of the work, in this example, pushing the pallet truck across the floor and entering or departing a pallet. Hand-pumping the handle up and down raises or lowers the forks, raising or lowering the pallet.If you primarily use the pallet truck to carry things around, a semi-electric pallet truck could be a good choice. These are generally available in capacities of 1500kg.


1.Smaller turning radius capability

2.The advantages of the safety features offered in electric powered pallet jacks; emergency stop, power braking as well speed limiting functions

  • POWERED-WALKIE PALLET TRUCK:The term “walkie” refers to the usage of electric battery power for two purposes: propelling the pallet truck across the floor and raising and lowering the cargo. This sort of motorised pallet truck eliminates the need to pump the handle up and down.
  • POWERED WALKIE SCALE PALLET TRUCK: As mentioned above, this is an electric battery-powered walkie with one additional feature. The forks have a scale built into them! With only a little touch on the handle, you may weigh your weight as you raise it by electric power and then steer it across the floor.
  • PALLET TRUCK STACKER: This pallet truck is similar to the motorised walkie above, but it also has the capacity to stack pallets many feet above the ground.


1.Increased storage capacity

2.These trucks, like powered pallet trucks, can move products over great distances, but they can also carry items onto racking, mezzanine flooring, and platforms that aren’t high enough to require a reach truck.

3.The stacker trucks in the Complete Material Handling line are built on a tiny chassis, allowing them to operate in narrow aisles and restricted areas that an electric forklift cannot access. By lowering the amount of space necessary to function, you may be able to increase the quantity of storage space accessible in your business.


These powerful industrial vehicles lift and move goods with dexterity and accuracy. Even though they are strong, operating any industrial machine entails danger. With an estimated one million pallet jacks in use, it’s critical to ensure these safety features before choosing any self-propelled electric power truck.

  • Automatic “Dead-Man” Feature: If the operator loses his hold on the handle, the pallet truck should come to a rapid halt. Electromagnetic disc brakes, for example, can be used to automatically stop the wheels when the handle is lowered or removed.
  • We want the pallet truck to stop fast if it is going toward the operator, therefore we include a belly reverse safety button. This may be accomplished by attaching a big button to the handle’s end. The disc brakes can automatically stop the pallet truck if the button is depressed, as it would be if it collides with the operator.
  • Horn: While steering the pallet truck, a button to blast a loud horn should be positioned on the handle, within easy reach of the operator’s hand.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The handle should be pleasant and secure to hold. It should also allow the operator to retain the optimal wrist angle by minimizing wrist movement.



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