Finding the Right Manufacturer for Industrial Moving Equipment

Finding the best of anything these days can be a daunting task. With the multitude of options available, and the increased avenues for the consumer to access information via the Internet, it can be hard to determine what the best actually is. And finding the best can be an essential part of a work process, especially when it comes to the industrial work environment and the tools needed to get the job done properly.


The Mechanics of it All

One specific area in which determining the item of best quality is of utmost importance, is in the area of anything mechanical. Mechanical can refer to anything made by a machine and also anything made of multiple parts that work together to apply mechanical power to accomplish a task. In the industrial wok environment, many of the tools and pieces of equipment employed for work are mechanical in nature. As all workers understand, when the tool is better, the work is better.


A Lot is Required

When a lot is required of you as a worker, it is necessary that you require a lot from the tools and equipment that you employ to get the job done. When you require a lot from a piece of equipment, it is important that it is of the utmost quality and is rightfully suited to the job at hand. If a piece of equipment or a tool is unsuited to the specific job being accomplished then it can be both dangerous to the worker and also cause unneeded stress on the equipment, which will result in early break down. For this very reason, finding the best equipment may be a difficult task, but it is very important for the overall business.


Moving Things Is Not an Easy Business

If you are in the business of moving things, you understand the amount of stress put on the equipment utilized to move items. Moving is not an easy job and it requires a lot from both the workers and the equipment. There are however, many industrial moving equipment options available today which increases the ability to match the right piece of equipment to the job. Paying close attention to matching the equipment to the job increases efficiency and safety for the workers in the overall workplace.


What is Being Moved?

Depending on the specific business, and the types of moving that needs to be accomplished, it is important to take into consideration many things. There are initial questions that can be asked to help find the best type of industrial moving equipment. Take, for example, the following:


– What is it that needs to be moved?

– Where does it need to be moved?

– And from where is the item or equipment being moved?

– What types of terrain will the equipment by required to travel over?

– Is the item or equipment being moved an awkward shape?

– Is it unusually heavy?

– Is the item that needs to be moved fragile or does it require some kind of special care?


There are more questions that can be asked to hone in on the exact type of moving equipment needed; however, these questions provide an initial starting point that can point you in the right direction for choosing the best industrial moving equipment for the job.


The Next Big Question

Once you have decided what type of moving equipment is needed for the job, the next question can be just as daunting. Which equipment manufacturer is the best? Due to the fact that there are many manufacturers in the material handling equipment business, it is helpful to look to a trusted source for industry information. With over fifty years in the industry, Douglas Equipment offers useful consumer information and a selection of moving equipment that can be trusted to be among the best in the field.


Options, Options and More Options

With a wide selection of moving equipment, Douglas Equipment offers hand trucks, platform trucks, carts, dollies, dock and shipping equipment, drum handling equipment and lift equipment. Within each category there are a plethora of specific options available to suit every job need. For example, some of the hand truck options available include:


– standard-duty hand trucks

– industrial-duty steel hand trucks

– aluminum Cobra-lite hand trucks

– aluminum standard and heavy-duty hand trucks

– convertible steel hand trucks

– touch and tilt drum hand trucks

– heavy-duty and specialty hand trucks

– vending and appliance hand trucks

– mini-cobra hand trucks

– high-frame hand trucks

– tilting hand trucks and more.


Some of the options for dollies include:


– folding handle platform trucks in steel

– stainless and aluminum

– heavy-duty machine dollies

– wood dollies

– plastic platform

– lightweight folding trucks.

There are options suitable to every price and replacement parts available to ensure the maintenance of the quality equipment.

We at Douglas pride ourselves in having an excellent customer service and product knowledge reputation. We know it can be difficult to find the best equipment for the job and we believe it is very important to help you chose the best product for the specific job you have in mind. Our goal is to make your job easier, and by matching our knowledge of the industry

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