Forklift Truck Capacity, Will my Truck Lift it

Will My Truck Lift It?

  • The most frequently asked question by the customers when buying a Forklift truck.
  • The truth is, forklift attachments do affect your overall forklift truck capacity, and whether your truck will lift it or not depends on your specific forklift and intended load.

What do You need To Know?

You will get an answer to this question by simply acquiring knowledge about it.

The capacity of the Forklift depends upon the following factors:

  1. Forklifts Do Not Have a Fixed Center of Gravity:
  • When unloaded, the forklift’s center of gravity is in the center of the truck between the front and back wheels.
  • However, when loaded, the forklift’s center of gravity shifts to the front wheel axle.
  • If a forklift’s maximum capacity is overloaded, the forklift’s center of gravity shifts over the front wheel axle, which results in the forklift tipping over.
  1. Load Center Informs Maximum Load Capacity :
  • A load capacity and a load center are the two important things for Forklift stability.
  • The maximum weight a forklift can carry at a given load center is known as a load capacity.
  • The distances from the face of the forks to the center of gravity of the load are given as the load center.
  • It also depends upon the weight of the attachment.

3.Your Forklift is Rated For a Certain Capacity & Attachments Affect


  • All forklifts are rated to a certain safe lifting maximum capacity and height by their manufacturer.
  • When you add these safe lifting to the attachment its height and maximum capacity will change.

Forklift Loading & Carrying Safety Practices –

  • If your forklift’s back wheels begin to lift off the ground, it is overloaded. Do not operate until all sets of wheels are firmly on the ground.
  • Extreme caution is required when dealing with heavy loads.
  • Rapid turns can lead the forklift to tip over.
  • Slow, wide turns are advised with heavy loads.
  • When using forklift attachments, be sure the new attachment has been fitted correctly to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Practice is the best way to deal with and learn and drive safely.

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