Hand Pallet Truck In Ghaziabad India

Hand Pallet Truck for Industrial Work

One of the most essential pieces of equipment at most industrial work sites is a hydraulic hand pallet truck. These hand pallet truck are able to move heavy loads relatively easily by leveraging the item’s weight and pairing that leverage with a strong and  reliable set of wheels or casters.

Traditional Steel or Aluminum Hand Pallet Truck:

When anyone thinks about a hand pallet truck, they tend to picture a piece of equipment that stands several feet tall, has medium-sized wheels, and a small platform. It’s capable of lifting light or moderate loads, but it’s by no means the most versatile or heavy-duty model on the market.

Benefits Of Hand Pallet Truck 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 5.0 Ton:

  • They are perfect for completing smaller jobs
  • They are great for tasks that require lesser weight to be placed on the truck’s platform
  • Both steel and aluminum models are quite durable and reliable
  • Each model holds up to 900 lbs. for a single load

For Bigger Moves: The Appliance Hand Pallet Truck Supplier

One of the heaviest loads carried by any hand pallet truck comes when the equipment is used to transport appliances from one place or another. This process requires a hand truck that has the right “tilt,” or angle, to get the job done. Not having the proper hand pallet truck to transport oversized loads can result in catastrophic damage to your material, equipment and to person. Stocking the wrong hand truck can result in thousands of dollars of liability damage.

A number of appliance hande pallet trucks are available to industrial customers with tilt angles that range from 45o to 49o. So, always be sure that an appliance hand truck has the right combination of tilt and capacity before using it to move a given appliance.

Dual Purpose Hand Pallet Truck Cover

These hand pallet truck are designed to work either in a standup or flatbed configuration that means they can be used to move a wide variety of wide, tall or bulky loads and the rated capacity of most models exceeds even the 900 lbs. They are perfect for warehouses and shipping operations where they mostly found.

Buy in Bulk!

Because we get our equipment directly from the manufacturer so there are no overhead costs and you won’t pay more than you need to. Douglas Equipment can afford to offer you discount pricing on any of the hand trucks that you want to buy in bulk which is the most cost-effective and efficient way to purchase any of our material-handling equipment.

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Businesses should always remember that a hand truck is a must-have tool to have on site whether it’s in a warehouse, retail or office setting. The professional staff at Douglas Equipment offer high quality products and are committed to ensuring fast delivery. It’s our great customer service and professional relationships with our vendors that make us the leading option for industrial business owners everywhere.


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