Commercial and industrial work sites often require moving very heavy and unwieldy objects from place to place, and this can be pretty difficult to do without the right equipment. This dilemma is pretty easy to solve. Using dual-purpose hand trucks, industrial customers can combine the best features of an upright hand truck with a flatbed moving cart. This two-in-one approach to moving heavy objects is perfect for businesses that are low on storage space, but very much in need of increased portability and maneuverability. Before choosing a dual purpose hand truck, however, there are some considerations that customers should make to ensure that they’re purchasing the right product.


The Best Hand Truck is Made from Heavy Duty Materials

Hand trucks generally fall into two categories, with the first being made of lighter-weight trucks that can transport lightweight materials. While these hand trucks are useful for less demanding customers, they can easily buckle under the weight of particularly heavy industrial loads that need to be moved by many commercial customers. Instead, look for a hand truck that is made of steel or aluminum, reinforced with the right supports to ensure that a load of any weight can be transported with ease.

This is an essential thing to ensure before purchasing a hand truck, as real damage can result from less capable models.


Check the Maximum Rated Weight Capacity of Every Model

Even with heavy duty materials and construction, hand trucks still have a maximum rated weight capacity that will affect how and where they are useful. Before purchasing a heavy duty dual purpose truck, look at the maximum weight it can handle during transit. When in doubt, of course, a higher weight is always the better option. Lower weights can expose the trucks, the company’s equipment, and its employees, to the same type of damage or injury discussed in the section above.

Heavy duty hand trucks can handle a seriously heavy load, and they can often do it with ease. It’s always a good idea to double-check, and make sure that the actual rated weight capacity is known before any task is undertaken.


Robon Equipment is an Asset for Commercial Businesses

At Robon Equipment, we have one of the broadest selections of dual purpose hand trucks on the market, including heavy duty models that can perform serious amounts of work for our industrial customers. We have a wealth of experience, and we urge customers to contact us today to see how we can help select the right truck for every use.

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