Heavy Duty Material Handling Equipment at Best Price

When we were looking for a material handling facility, we learned to ask a few questions about each customer’s goals. So, you can quickly see which one best suit your needs.

For example, a customer can contact “I’m looking for a heavy material handling cart” like a simple request. In fact, the solution will be easier. We understand what “heavy duty” means and understand the types of moving objects.


What is “Heavy-Duty”?

For some customers, the term “heavy-duty” may mean that they are looking for carts that can haul larger loads than normal. Other customers may be looking for a car with normal load capacity but a heavy-duty design because they need the car to withstand years of rough operation and last a long time.

We also know that when customers request a “material handling truck”, they usually need to move a specific type of object; we only need to know what that object is so that we can recommend the right equipment. Some customers may want to move large and heavy items, such as 5 x 9 plywood. Others must carry wet clothes, while some customers may have to carry garbage, piles of small boxes, tool boxes and mechanical parts, and even materials. Sand or gravel.


Considering the Budget

Although we can recommend quality products for every purpose, we also know that customer is interested in getting the best prices.

In the following section, we will provide some examples of heavy material handling vehicles. As you can see, no matter what type of object you want to move, we can help you find a product that perfectly meets your requirements!


Platform Trucks – The Basic Material Handling Cart

The initial material handling truck may be a flatbed truck. A platform, four wheels and a handle, what could be simpler than this? Platform trucks have a wide range of uses and are very suitable for solving your material handling needs. Although simple, flatbed trucks are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

For heavy-duty models, choose carts made of materials that can withstand high load capacity or rough handling. Provide steel deck trucks, wooden deck trucks, and even steel frame wooden deck trucks. They are made of heavy-duty 12-gauge steel with a reinforced welded structure and are extraordinarily strong. Electric models are available, which can reduce the work required to push heavy-duty carts over long distances.


Panel Carts – For Moving Bulky Items

The panel cart works well when moving board products such as plywood or gypsum board. Like flatbed trucks, flatbed trucks consist of a platform with four wheels, but with three or four vertical handles to form grooves. You will stack sheet merchandise within the slots between the handles.


Wire Caged Platform Trucks – For Moving Small Items

If you need to move small boxes or loose items, wire cage flatbed trucks may be well suited for your needs. It consists of a flatbed truck with handles at both ends and a wire cage installed on the platform. The cage is ideal for placing loose objects that can slip off a common pallet truck or for placing a stack of small boxes.


Service Carts – For Moving Toolboxes and Small Parts

If you need to keep a group of items together when moving them from one location to another in your workplace, then a serving cart may be perfect for you. It can hold one or two toolboxes, spare parts, power tools such as electric drills or circular saws, and other accessories. The option of a drawer with roller guides or a third tray adds to its versatility. The top tray can even be flipped over to make it a flat work surface!

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