How do you pump up a pallet jack?

Pallet jacks are simple machineries used in warehouses and construction sites to lift and transport wooden pallets. Manual pallet jack is very simple to use and their mechanism is also very simple. They have a raise, neutral and lower method of operation.

To load pallet into the pallet jack you insert the fork into the space in wooden pallets and then pump the handle (move the handle the up and down) until the pallets are not touching the floor or are cleared off the floor.

When you pump the handle the hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic pump system gives enough pressure that causes the fork raise up with the help of the linkages connecting the hydraulic system with the front wheels.

To pump up a hydraulic jack all one needs to do is pump the handle that also function as a steering handle. If this is not doing the work then it is probably due to some error with the pallet jack and fix it.

The reasons why your pallet jack is not lifting can be due to:

  • The lack of hydraulic oil
  • Hydraulic oil with viscosity higher than recommended
  • The air trapped in the hydraulic system.
  • Broken spring

As said earlier pallet jack is a simple machinery and is easy to work with and is also very convenient but like any machinery one should also be careful while handling a pallet jack.

Make sure you keep in mind the following points to prevent any damage to the tool or the person handling it.

  • Do not use it unless you have been trained, despite being a simple tool it can still be dangerous when handled without proper training.
  • Never surpass the load capacity. Surpassing the load limit can be dangerous to both the pallet jack and the handler.
  • Never place your feet under the pallet jack

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