How Much Can A Pallet Jack Hold?

Pallet jacks also known as pallet trucks commonly found in factories and in most warehouses. They have the ability to move heavy loads from the one place to another area, thus making the work load of the employee easy. Pallet jacks are manual or electric but both can lift impressive amount of weight which cannot be lifted by a human being.

Manual pallet jack lift: These kinds of pallet jacks can lift up to 5000 kg in weight and can help one to move heavy loads from one place to another.

The manual pallet jacks are lightweight and compact but it can lift heavy weights. That is more than enough capacity that can be lifted and help you to move any heavy pallets, furniture or office equipment. The wheels and rollers are made from resilient polyurethane provides extra grip on smooth surfaces so that it lift up heavy loads with ease. You’ll be pleased to find the manual pallet jack cost is incredibly reasonable and are easy and quick to use but if you need any help there are guides online which shows how to use a pallet jack.

Electric pallet jack lift: These can lift slightly less weight but they can do take out of all the leg work. They are less efficient and are not able to lift weight as manual pallet jack instead of having a manually crank the pallet jack handle.

Electric pallet jacks allow you to lift and move heavy load using a control located on the pallet jack handle. They are typically able to lift 1.5tonnes which means electric pallet jack are ideal for moving light duty machinery and equipment around the warehouse with ease. The electric pallet jack also comes with an emergency stop to ensure safety in the workplace. It can transport up to 4500 lb in any warehouse.

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