How Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Help Major Delivery Companies?

A stair climbing truck is a kind of equipment that is used to carry heavy loads on difficult surfaces. Also known as dollies, they feature an L-shaped frame with handles on the top and wheels on the bottom. The wheels that are fitted to a stair climbing hand truck come in a configuration of three wheels on three spindles 120o from each other. Each wheel has its axle and can spin independently. Two three-wheel arrangements sit on either side of a central axle, to which the center part of the arrangement is attached.  When the hand truck is pushed along a flat surface, two of the three wheels fall directly to provide mobility, while the third take the weight off above them unused.

Pros of using such machine- 

With a stair-climbing truck, you can traverse stairs while moving loads. The tri-star wheels will press against the side of the stairs so that the hand truck rolls up-down. Traditional hand trucks require more work. You have to lift them while moving them towards the stairs. Stair-climbing hand trucks can even protect loads from destruction. If you use a traditional hand truck, you may fight to stabilize the load when climbing up or downstairs. And if the load is unstable, it may fall off the hand truck, resulting in damage. You can protect loads from damage such as this by using a stair-climbing hand truck. The wheel assembly on a stair climbing hand truck rotates as you pull it up the stairs, making the transition between each step and the next much easier.  It also saves your money on labour costs at the same time increasing productivity of the work done.  It also reduces work-related injuries and keeps the worker safe, Effort is still required to carry the items upstairs or steps on a truck, but the use of a stair-climbing truck will mean much less effort is required than actual.



Acquiring of main store bought components, Removal of wheels from the hand truck, Stripping and modification of winch, Mounting of Sprocket on the modified winch, Machining of the drive axle, Plasma cutting of pinwheels, Mounting of longboard wheels on pinwheels, Total assembly of the drive train, Wiring and mounting of battery, Testing.


Everyday use

You can use it to carry heavy appliances like a washing machine or a refrigerator with ease. These types of trucks are ideal for delivery companies or couriers. They are also useful for companies that provide home moving services. It’s simple to imagine how much easier it would be to move heavy items using one of these trucks, as opposed to using a conventional hand truck or even worse – by hand.

By using a stair climbing hand truck, you are shifting the work to the truck itself, and away from yourself and your employees. The effort of delivery is significantly eased when delivery personnel is transporting items upstairs. It is can be used easily both indoors and outdoors by one person. Large Weight Capacity: The ergonomic design of the hand truck makes it ideal for moving heavy or oversized things at both home and the workplace. The largest weight capacity of the dolly is up to 551lbs. Do a good help for your transport.

Hand trucks are fabricated from many different types of materials, including steel tubes, aluminum tubes, aluminum extrusion, and high-impact plastics. Most commercial hand trucks used for beverage and food service deliveries are rugged and very light. They are usually constructed from two extruded aluminum channel side rails and cast aluminum or magnesium parts. Other things to be considered should be the load shape compared with the backrest shape, e.g., cylindrical loads should sit on curved backrests, and the environmental conditions in which the hand truck will operate.

Like you can use a light-duty powered stair climber. The hand truck can detach from the battery-operated section and can be used as a regular hand truck for lighter loads. For heavier loads simply re-attach the powered drive section. It has the same lifting height as our full-sized hand trucks!

The hand trucks are great for home delivery of parcels, beer kegs, coins, or home medical equipment like oxygen cylinders. It has pneumatic tires and is our lightest hand truck.

Some trucks are only capable of delivering light loads, while others have wheels that are not suitable for the environment that you work in. You may, for example, work in an environment where there’s often a significant amount of debris on the floor, or you work in environments where temperatures are hotter or colder than normal.

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