How to Make Your Warehouse More Efficient?

A warehouse is basically a place where we can store and utilize it for accretion of goods in a fine condition even for a long run. Now the question arises, can you make your warehouse more efficient without breaking the bank? This single question has been asked many a times by warehouse managers across the globe especially the ones having smaller warehouses.

There are many factors one should keep in their mind while buying equipment for their stores or warehouses like the quality of the product or the budget and so on. But not to worry we are here guiding you how to choose the right one and spend money wisely. The deal is always about to spend money on the right product. It’s not about purchasing expensive material for yourself. Though, the product should be productive with smooth functioning. Don’t get fooled by websites online. Always go thoroughly about the features of the product  while making any decision.

Is there middle ground?

A lot of people think that a Forklift truck is the need of warehouses but it’s not just like that. If you think it is right lifting loaded pallets onto shelving, then you are so wrong here because you are not using the major part of a forklift truck i.e. it’s ability to lift loads. For quick completion of tasks such as moving loads, you can just easily incorporate a standard style pallet truck (also called a pallet Jack) rather than unloading the boxes from pallet and using a hand dolly. Some of the models of these standard trucks consists:

  • Long Fork Pallet Truck: This model includes a steel construction along with an expand in fork for longer pallets.
  • Semi-Electric Pallet Truck: This truck is made up of steel which assimilates an electric motor that helps in moving the pallet truck when moving but still depends on a manual hydraulic pump to elevate the forks.

There are also equipment available offering good quality & at affordable prices.

These equipment are:

  • Powered Telescoping Fork Stacker: This stacker helps you in lifting heavy loads onto shelving including high shelves.
  • Electric High Lift Pallet Truck: This truck is extraordinary which has a scissor lift that allows to raise a loaded skid onto a lower shelf.

What About Specialized Loads Like Barrels?

If you ever need to move drums, you can look out for drum mount for your forklift which allows the movement and placement of 55 gallon steel drums. They are not so expensive and safe to use. They can easily connect and disconnect from the forklift also.

  • Forklift Attachments: You can easily lift or place drums from the forklift. And the attachment ascends to the forklift in just few seconds without any specific tool. The capacity of the rim of the drum is 1500 pounds per drum.

So, there comes smaller & budget- friendly pallet- style trucks which carries drums from a pallet to your work place.

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