How To Rebuild A Pallet Jack

Pallet jacks are very handy and are mainly used in the warehouses and many businesses. They slide under pallets of merchandise and can be pumped up to lift the pallet off the ground and can be pulled around by hand, so the pallets can be placed to any location where the pallets need to be located.

The pallet jacks can lift heavy amount of weight. Sometimes the merchandise can cause the pallet jacks damage and they need to be rebuilt.

  1. Pull down the handle and pump it to raise the height of its forks to its maximum level and then lay it down.
  2. Take the steer wheels and axle off with an adjustable wrench and then pull off the snap ring under traverse on the stem of the hydraulic unit.
  3. Put the pallet jack upright and then lower it back down on the ground. Then push out the pin that connects the frame to the top of the ram with pin punch which is at the bottom of the handle.
  4. Lift the frame and pull it away and take the ball on top of the ram and remove the hydraulic from the traverse to disassemble the pallet jack completely.
  5. Now rebuild the pallet jack to its original form and slide the stems of hydraulic unit back into the traverse. Slide the ram into the A-frame with the ball positioned on the top of the ram.
  6. Attach the ram to the roll pin and lay it back on its slide and install the snap ring to the stem under the traverse of the hydraulic unit.
  7. Install the steer wheel and slide the wheel onto the axle and move the axle into the bottom of the hydraulic unit and attach it to fastening and roll pins.

And finally flip the pallet jack up and move it around to make sure it is sliding. Now pump it up and lower the handle down to make sure everything has been properly rebuilt.

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