Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

This hydraulic pallet truck is suitable for handling pallets and other heavy loads. It can be used for loading, unloading and transfer of load. These pallet trucks are designed to lift heavy loads with minimal effort.

This reduces operator fatigue with considerable time savings. The BT lifter range of hand pallet trucks is customizable, making them suitable for a wide range of material handling applications including horizontal transport, order picking, loading / unloading, and stacking.

Designed for ease of use, our long-haul trucks allow safe and efficient movement of goods with very little effort. Suitable for horizontal pallet transport and order taking, the low lift hand pallet trucks in the BT Lifter L-Series offer load capacities of up to 3 tons.

  • Low Lifting Hand Pallet Truck
  • 75 to 3.0 tonnage capacity
  • Home customization
  • Manual or electric drive
  • Minimum Starting Force (BT Pro Lifter)

Low-lift hand pallet truck for horizontal transportation and order taking;

Consisting of thirteen BT Lifter models and two BT Pro Lifter models, the L-Series range of low-lifting hand pallet trucks is suitable for horizontal pallet transport, loading / unloading and order taking. With a load capacity of up to 3 tons, our versatile trucks can be adapted to suit various material handling requirements, including operating in corrosive and hygienic conditions. The BT lifters offer low lifting pallet trucks durability, ease of use, and low lifetime costs.


Stainless steel or hand pallet truck for operation in wet and clean environment.

It used  in  environments and applications which demand a high level of hygiene, such as food processing or pharmaceuticals, the BT Stainless Lifter has a durable high-grade stainless steel structure to prevent corrosion. A reliable alternative to the stainless lifter is the BT lifter model with stainless steel axle and galvanized chassis and pump.


Low Lifting Hand Pallet Truck With Scale For Accurate Weight During Load Handling

The LHM 200 SC Pallet Truck in the BT Lifter L-Series is equipped with a scale to provide high accuracy weight during the material handling process. With a load of capacity of 2 tons, this hand pallet truck saves time , allowing the operators to weigh pallets and containers during the loading and transport for maximum efficiency. For applications in which the load weight estimation is appropriate, the L-series provides the LHM230WI with a weight indicator.


Low lifter with minimum starting force to handle heavy loads

It is designed to increase productivity while handling the heavy loads, the innovative  BT Pro Lifter model LHM230P requires up to 4% less force than a standard hand pallet truck to run. Highly ergonomic, this low-lift truck offers comfortable steering handles, easy positioning and smooth driving on rough, uneven surfaces. Thanks to the LHM230P, cargo is moved with minimal effort, securing maximum efficiency, ease of use, and driver comfort.

Electric operated low-lift hand pallet truck for easy pallet handling;

The LHT100 is designed to operate with minimal starting force to increase productivity during horizontal transport and loading operations. With an electric drive motor, this versatile hand pallet truck provides speed driven in any direction for effort-free travel. Automatic parking brakes, electronic speed control and braking systems provides driver safety and also contribute to the BT Pro Lifter’s long operating life .


Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck (FAQ’S)

  • What is Electric Hand Pallet Truck?

Electric hand pallet truck is one of the most commonly used  in industrial companies. It is used to deal with materials inside warehouses. It is battery powered.

It can be of a walkie or ride-on type – i.e. driven by a tiller or wheel.

The Hand Pallet Truck Lift offers load shifting, lifting and lowering functions.


  • What is the life span of a hand pallet trolley?

The  lifespan of a wood pallet is about 3–5 years, which is certainly not a short lifetime for a heavy load carrying product across the country.


  • How do hand pallet trolley materials improve movement efficiency?

On average, a normal healthy human cannot consistently weigh more than 30 kg. Hydraulic hand pallet trucks can handle palletized loads of up to 2500 kg at a time and a single operator can easily lift and carry this weight over short distances.


  • Do hand pallet trolleys actually reduce operator fatigue?

Hand Pallet Truck Rental offered by SFS is very easy to use. It has standard fast lift that ensures ground clear lifting with minimal human effort .


  • Can hand pallet trucks be used for non-palletized loads?

The SFS hand pallet truck  used to carry small non-palletized loads to keep the load on the fork. But palletization actually increases material handling efficiency and throughput.


  • What is the life span of a hand pallet trolley?

In the case of any other warehouse equipment the life of a hand pallet truck depends on the type and type of load and surface used. If the hydraulic hand pallet truck is not overloaded above rated capacity and is not pushed around on very rough surfaces, it provides good service for a very long extended period of more than 5 years.

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