Invest in drum rollers and increase your warehouse efficiency

Investing in good quality drum rolling equipment would not only ensure saving time and money but also would enhance safety of the employees handling the equipment, thus ensuring fewer accidents and increasing the efficiency of the warehouse altogether.


What is a drum roller?

Each drum may include materials which must be mixed periodically according to what sort of items your warehouse shops have. If left to stand up for too long, components of the mixture start to settle at the bottom of the drum, making the product unsuitable for customers or bulk distributors. Invest in a good quality drum roller to avoid this possible problem.


Working of a drum roller

Drum rollers are meant to raise drums and turn them horizontally from the floor. Then the drum is rolling to fully mix the ingredients. Some barrels contain mixes which cannot be opened, swirled and closed continuously. This helps to save you time, money, and effort, because the equipment performs all the hard work for you.

Safety issues talked above are solved as the drum roller mixes the contents without having to decant which avoids the risks of splashing and leakage.


Types of drum rollers suitable for your needs

1.Portable Drum Roller-A portable roller may be transferred to wherever it is necessary to any area of your warehouse. Just utilize every appropriate way to elevate a drum to the roller on your side. Use A/C power to roll up and shake the drum.


2.Hydra-Lift Drum Roller-A hydraulic lifting roller accomplishes your intensive work to eliminate the hazards of hand drum lifting and rolling. You just load the drum upright at the front of the roller – no lift! Only hydraulic mechanisms are applied when you are in position to push the drum up horizontally over the motorized drum rollers. The motorized mechanism rotates your drum at all speeds of 5 to 20 RPM till the inner stuff is completely mixed.


3.Stationary-Drum Roller-The perfect alternative when a drum roller’s portability is not needed. Simply drop your drum onto your roller – with a drum lifter ideally – and mix the content of the drum without decanting. Can roll drums in diameter from 6 to 28 inches, or at one of three plant speeds – 10, 20 and 30 inches in length.


4.CE Marked Drum Roller-The operation of rolling a drum’s contents is fully safe. The drum rolling gear is inside a metal cage and may only be moved once the cage is empty and secured. The compliance with key safety requirements has been checked on all significant features of this equipment.


Advantages of Drum rollers

1.No need of decantation-Parts of the mixture settles down due to sitting upright for long. It can also get disturbed during transportation. This requires pouring out/decanting the contents to maintain the consistency of the mixture, which includes added danger of leakage that could be hazardous. To combat this problem ,drum rollers come into picture and does the work of mixing pretty well.


 2.Saves Time ,Money and  Labor-As the process of mixing is automated, Workers get free from time-consuming and tiring work and could be used elsewhere, making them work more efficiently. Drum rolling time is a major drain on available resources, which will eventually cost you money. The inadequate rotation of the contents may result in items in your drum becoming unfit for usage that will probably affect the reputation of your business.

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