Pallet jacks are the most essential tools found in warehouses and construction sites. They are created to make multiple transportation easier and ensure the safety of the employee.

They help you to transport the rough wooden platforms called pallets that contain all the goods that arrive from the trucks at a warehouse or retail facility.

Some people in the factories or in the warehouses find it difficult or confused with one of the simpler key of an industrial environment i.e. the manual pallet jack. There are some simple steps for the new comers who find it challenging to operate a manual pallet jack:

Manual Pallet Jack

  1. First stand behind the manual pallet jack, find the small lever the allows the pallet jack to spike the flat metal piece near the floor and drop all the way down towards the floor. The lever is generally in the middle of the round handle on the vertical stem of the manual machine.
  2. Keep the spike of the flat metal piece an inch or two above the floor so that you can see the movement of the pallet jack.
  3. Now put the prongs underneath the pallets and see that the pallet fits the products underneath. If they do not fit then the machine has not been lowered sufficiently. So to fit the pallet properly, drop the lever to make it fit.
  4. After fitting the pallets use the handle to jack up the pallet jack, i.e. when the prongs are under the pallet pull the stem towards you and you should feel that the pallet jack and the pallet rising slowly and the pressure of the pallet jack.
  5. Now make sure that the pallet jack is not on the cross wood of the pallet and the front wheels are on the floor. If the wheels are on the cross wood this will prevent the jack wheels from rolling and going up. So, make sure that the pallet jack is up from the floor before moving it.
  6. When you feel that the pallet is sufficiently raised, pull the handle of the pallet jack and move it in the direction you want it to move.

When the person wants to the pallets on the truck or need to cross a gate he can push against pallet and raise it higher.

Electric Pallet Jack

It may look similar to use but the electric pallet jack is used differently as of a manual pallet jack. Electric pallet jacks are a slightly complicated to set up but one will find it very easy once you get used to using it. The following steps will help you to operate the electric pallet jack:

  1. Firstly charge your electric pallet jack sufficiently to use it. You can unplug the cable and keep it in the back inside the pallet jack.
  2. Now lower the forks of the pallet jacks using the controller present on the lever of the handle.
  3. Now slide the forks of the pallet you need to pick up and then lift the pallet up. The control handle has the functions to lift and lower down the forks. You would now be able to move your pallet wherever you like it to move using the electric control.

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