Our Material Handling Equipments are available at moderate cost

One of the most useful pieces of material handling equipment that are easily available at moderate cost , and have a number of options that can make your work easier. But it might be difficult for us to pluck out the best hand truck for our personal as well as for our professional doings can often be a difficult task. This is because you have to select such a equipment that is efficiently working, satisfying all the basic needs and keep the safety measures with itself. Our Material Handling Equipment offers a large selection of hand trucks in a variety of different carrying capacities to satisfy the developed needs of our customers.


Weightage of your loads
You have to keep a track or information on what is the capacity of your equipment to how much weight you want to lift by it. As the capacities are varied from variety to variety as it carry several hundred pounds to almost 2000 pounds, but knowing the load you will carry helps you out in safety of your tool. Because excessive weight above the load capacity can damage its structure and lead to poor performance and failure.
Our Hand Pallet Trucks are specially designed for taller loads.


Importance of wheel size
While you are harvesting in a hand truck ,wheel size contribute a great importance. Large wheels allow you to move your hand truck more easily over uneven ground or with heavier loads. Hand trucks commonly have 8” or 10” wheels but can have other options, so knowing what you’re transport and how smooth the ride needs to be will be an important part of the selection process.


How many wheels do you require?
For larger and heavy loads, you must choose a four wheel hand truck that prevents the hand truck from falling over. Or we can say it can be helpful to have a hand truck that has an additional set of wheels that kick out and help hold the load upright during movement.

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