Hand pallet truck Supplier & manufacturer in Delhi

Robon Group has played a leading role in all types of hand pallet truck 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 5.0 Ton, electric pallet truck, roll pallet truck, drum handler, hydraulic stacker, manual stacker, electric stacker equipment. The leading supplier and manufacturer of handling equipment in India.

Here hand pallet truck and electric pallet truck have been designed and developed using the latest technology. Robon Group provides the best hydraulic machinery and equipment at affordable prices. The company has rich experience in meeting the needs of both large and small industrial houses.

Robon Group manufacture world class hydraulic equipment and machinery including Electric Stacker, Hydraulic Drum Carrier and Drum Lifter Co Tilter which are specially designed as per the requirement of the customers.

The company hosts a wide panel of highly competent professionals who provide the best expertise when it comes to hydraulic drum carriers. Over the years, this company developed their own research and development center which focuses on the development of hybrid machinery that can be used for many purposes.

When it comes to hand stacker, electric stacker, semi electric stacker, and used forklift platform, hand pallet truck, Robon group is  the best in the business as this company offers the customers a wide range of products.

Robon Group has helped many of its customers by providing high quality machinery at moderate prices which has increased their profit margins. This is the reason behind the good synergy in the market.


Electric Stacker supplier & Manufacturer

The lifting and lowering of the fork and travel of this stacker is done by push buttons mounted on the handle. The stacker can be moved by someone standing on the ground or on a platform. It is an alternative to small fork lift.

Lifting forks are easily adjustable to increase or decrease the width as needed for pallets available to the user. High quality power pack with minimal and easy maintenance is designed for this type of electric stacker.


Semi electric stacker.

This stacker is mobile, which can be easily pushed or pulled by hand. All wheels have double ball bearings with dust covers.

Lifting and lowering the fork is done by a hand lever placed on the front cover. Lifting forks are easily adjustable to reduce or increase the upward width required for the palette available to the user.


Manual stacker supplier & Manufacturer

The hand stacker is easy push or pull by hand. All wheels will be provided with double ball bearings with dust cover. The hydraulic unit is accompanied by special wear-resistant seals, which ensure a 100% leak proof system. Lifting is done by a foot operated lever which is a unique feature in this stackers.


Aerial Vertical Work Platform.

It is a manual push-pull vertical lifting platform “suitable for taking part in the maintenance work of lighting, overhead cranes, window cleaning, etc., at high levels by the person in workshops, warehouses or anywhere on good paved floors. The platform can be used for the maintenance of lights and a person also participates in jobs up to 14 meters in height. Height. It is completely safe.


Aerial Maintenance Platform (Double Mast)

It is an ‘aerial maintenance platform’, suitable for taking part in the maintenance work of high level lighting, overhead cranes, window cleaning, etc. on workshops, warehouses or any good paved floors. Heavy duty alloy aluminum masts, reduce sway at full height. It has four outriggers aimed at sustainability. All controls are in the hands of the operator.


Drum carrier supplier & Manufacturer

TMDC is an ultimate easy and safe drum carrier with hydraulic system for lifting and transporting MS / plastic drums from one place to another in large warehouses, production areas etc. by one person. It can also hold the drum from the floor to the pallet.


Electric Pallet Truck (BOPT) supplier & Manufacturer

This type of battery drive electric pallet truck has been introduced by Robon Group Material Handling Equipment for easy transportation of pallets to large plants and warehouses. It is a versatile machine for handling electric pallets truck safely and quickly with minimal efforts for long journeys in plants.

This type of battery drive electric pallet trucks are using heavy duty batteries, which are chargeable and have a long life. Maximum safety features are provided with automatic brake, up, down and drive buttons in push stops, horns and handles to avoid any accidents.

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