Pallet Truck need to move stuff in the warehouse

Warehouses need to move stuff around. The goods need to place , pack and deliver materials to customers. We need to have the right equipment for this so that the work is done smoothly. The material needs to be moved onto shelves, floor levels.

Moving pallets and skids around the warehouse: A pallet truck is not needed if we need to move pallet and skids around. These movers are either heavy duty and can be manual or powered. Moving of the pallet can be easy with these.

  1. Standard deluxe pallet truck: This is a basic model and can be moved easily capacity up to 5500 pounds. The dimensions are 21”*48”*57”. Can weight up to 152 pounds and has polyurethane wheels.
  2. Light duty pallet truck: This is an electric pallet truck that has a steel construction that has a reachable electric unit that moves behind the operator. It can hold up to 3300 pounds and with heavy duty machine the capacity is 4400 pounds.

Lifting pallets onto shelves or into working position: When warehouses run out place then the materials ca be placed vertically and to place them onto high shelves fork stackers are used. These can reach up to 10 feet and help the operator in reaching the higher shelves.


  1. Manual high lift pallet truck: This standard truck has a scissor lift mechanism that allows the unit to lift on low shelf or working position. Can hold up to 2200 pounds. The wheels are made from polyurethane.
  2. Powered telescoping fork stacker: this stacker is used to lift heavy things and place them onto shelves. Has a steel frame and a capacity of 2000 pounds.
  3. Electric high lift pallet truck: This has electric scissor lift that allows you to raise the load on to working station and onto lower shelves. Is made of polyurethane wheels and has a capacity of 2200 pounds.

What are specialized loads?

The most common heavy object is a 55- gallon barrel. To move this good equipment is needed.

  1. Pallet truck drum lifter : This pallet truck is made for safety clamping and has capacity of 660 pounds and move the whole steel drum easily. It weights 115 pounds.
  2. Economy series drum truck : This is specially designed hand truck is made to hold a drum up to 1000 pounds for moving heavy duty joints. They have polyolefin wheels for easy movement.

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