An Automated Storage and Retrieval System is a strategic solution to obtain a competitive advantage. Uncease’s flexible Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) ensure the ability to adapt to changing market conditions now and in the future. We offer profound market knowledge amassed over many years of firsthand experience implementing warehouse solutions within a variety of industries. Uncease supplies automated warehouse solutions to manufacturers and distributors utilizing a variety of loads (unit, layer, or extra-large) within various temperature ranges for both non-rack and rack supported structures.

As a automated storage retrieval system supplier, Uncease specializes in the following types of configurations:

  • High-density, multiple deep storage systems
  • Double-deep storage systems
  • Single-deep storage systems


Today’s modern warehousing systems are required to process increasingly complex tasks and provide reliability and flexibility for future needs. Uncease’s high-density AS/RS increase warehouse efficiency by:

  • Maximizing available storage space in existing structures, avoiding off-site storage and expansions
  • Minimizing overall building footprint up to 50% versus conventional warehouses
  • Reducing energy costs by 40% in cooler environments
  • Reducing labor and product damage costs
  • Increasing inventory accuracy and customer service

Key Benefits:

~ Easy unattended retrievals; type in the number and press GO

~ Productivity gains by allowing the operator more time to do other things

~ Productivity gains by shortening retrieval times

~ Accurate storage and retrieval, no searching for items

~ Organizes your facility better