Automated Guided Vehicle 0.5 Ton


Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) are designed to perform their operations without direct human guidance. They are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and can be laser, inertially, or Cartesian-guided.

An automatic guided vehicle system (AGVS) consists of one or more computer-controlled wheel based load carriers (normally battery-powered) that runs on the plant floor (or, if outdoors, on a paved area) without the need for an onboard operator or driver.


Collaborative mobile rob For smaller transport task with the industry, logistics and healthcare
Length 1000 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 350 mm
Height above floor 50 mm
Weight (without load) 200 kg
Load surface 900 x 500 mm
RAL color RAL 1004 / Golden Yellow
Robot Payload 500 kg (maximum 5% incline)
Towing Capacity 800 kg
Battery running time 8 hours
Maximum speed Forwards: 1m/s (3.6 km/h) & Backwards: 0.3 m/s (1 km/h)
Turning Radius 1000 mm (around center of robot)
Positioning accuracy +/- 50 mm / 2 in of position, +/- 10 mm / 0.4 to docking marker
Battery LIFE-PO4, 24 V, 25 Ah
Charging time 1 hour (10% to 90%) Charging station & 2 hours (10% to 90%) cable charger
External Charger Input: 100-230 V ac, 50-60 Hz Output: 24 V, max 25 A
Battery charging cycle
Ambient temperature range +5°C to 50°C (humidity 10-95% non-condensing)
IP Class IP 20
WiFi Dual-band wireless AC/G/N/B
I/Os USB and Ethernet
SICK microScan3 safety system (2pcs.) SICK safety laser scanners S300 (front and back) 360° visual protection around robot
3D camera (2 pcs.) 3D camera Intel RealSense™ Detection of objects ahead 50-500 mm above floor