EPT 1.5T 550N


Robon specializes in offering an excellent range of  Electric Hand Pallet Truck designed in line with international quality standards.This 3.0 Ton EPT is a heavy-duty hand pallet truck comes with PU and Nylon Wheels, Its fork width of 160 mm and a capacity of 3 tons. The pallet truck standard  overall fork width of 550 mm & maximum fork height of 195-200 mm. The EPT 3.0T is designed to fullfill the needs of all warehousing and manufacturing requirements. We use casted machined high capacity pump for pallet lifting. ROBON is a well-known ecommerce platform and having a wide range of industrial products. The materials used to manufacture are sourced from the most trusted vendors and chosen after verified detailed market surveys. The products are widely knows in the market for their high quality.
1 Brand AAK Lift
2 Model No. EPT 1.5T 550N
3 Quantity  (Unit) 1 Nos.
4 Package Contents EPT 1.5T to be as maintenance free as possible
5 Weight 165 kg
6 Color / Coating Yellow
7 Pump DF/Welded
8 Material of Wheel Nylon / Polyurethane
9 Load Roller Double Wheel ø74 x 70
10 Steering Wheel ø210×75
11 Material Mild Steel
12 Dimensions 1650x550x1180
13 Suitable For Factory Use
14 Item Per Pack 1 Pieces
15 Aviabilty In stock
Key Features
1 Long Controller Handle with forward/reverse Butterfly Switch.
2 Emergency Stop Button, Power Indicator, Horn.
3 Variable Travelling Speed.
4 Continuous Working Time of 4-5 Hours.
5 Charging Time of 5 Hours (Option of 2 Hours).
6 Maintenance Free Battery.
7 Brushless Drive Motor.
8 Recharge Alert & Error Code Display.
9 Foot protection.
10 Small turning circle.
1 Unit Price 126500
2 Offer
3 Discounted Price 95999
4 Item in Pack 1 Piece
5 Min Order Qty 1 Piece
6 Stock Qty 5 Piece
Notes : Actual product model might vary from that shown in the picture


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