Fully Electric Stacker – India

Robon Fully Electric Stackers india frame design avoids stresses on the welds and maintains a higher mechanical strength during working. Very easy access of the battery compartment and very easy to change the battery for maintenance also. The ergonomically designed tiller arm combines industrial strength together with ease of use, ensuring every control command can be implemented quickly and easily. When the handle is released, it returns automatically to the neutral position, applying automatic braking, AAK fully stacker is reliable and safe operation – walking or riding.


Fully Electric Stacker (1530)  – SPECIFICATION
Brand  —- ROBON
Model No. —-  FES 1030
Item Code  —- FES01-S1
Quantity (Unit) —- 1 Nos. 
Overall Dimensions  mm 1680x850x2150
Fork Width  mm 650
Fork Length  mm 1100
Color / Coating —-  ORANGE
Load roller mm  ø80×70
Steering Wheel mm  ø180×50
Material of Wheel —-  Nylon / Polyurethane
Weight  kg  750
Maximum Height  mm 3000 mm
Battery AH  120
Emergency Switch amps  210
Votmeter  —- Digital
Power Pack  DC 24V
Hydraulic Tank  Liter 8
Item Per Pack   —- 1 Pieces
Aviabilty  —- In stock


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