Manual Floor Crane – 1025CB

Robon Manual Floor Crane designed for lifting and moving of load with different weight carrying capacity. ROBON Manual Floor Crane sales globally such as Denmark, Lithuania, California, Indonesia, Singapure and many more countries. Robon Manual Floor Crane with finest quality durability and performance. The materials used to manufacture are sourced from the most trusted vendors and chosen after verified detailed market surveys. The products are widely knows in the market for their high quality.


Robon floor cranes are perfect for lifting heavy objects in job shop settings, but there are always different and unique lifting requirements. We manufacture 12 types of shop crane and hydraulic engine hoist to address most needs and applications. Aak provides heavy duty lifts, towable, pivot, adjustable and standard straddles, counter-balance mobile floor cranes, economy engine lifts, and more specialty floor cranes to meet your exact needs.

Manual Floor Crane 1025 CB – SPECIFICATION
Brand  —- ROBON
Model No. —- MFC 1025CB
Item Code  —- MFC02CB-S1
Quantity (Unit) —- 1 Nos. 
Weight  Kg 255
Color Coating —-  ORANGE /GOLDEN
Std Boom Length  mm 1000
Extended Boom Length mm  600
Min Hook Height  mm 350
Max Hook Height mm  2300 – 2500
Stearing Wheel  mm ø180×50
Material  —- Mild Steel
Warranty  —- 1 Year
Item Per Pack   —- 1 Pieces
Structure   —- Heavy Duty MS
 Net Weight   kg 145 


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