Manual Stacker – In Ghaziabad

AAK manual stacker in ghaziabad designed for lifting and moving of pallet with different weight carrying capacity. We manufacturer economy and maintenance free manual stacker with international industrial parameters. Manual stacker safely stack any size of plastic and wooden pallets up to desired height. It’s operate manually and having a manual hydraulic cylinder which gives us low cost effective handling solution. AAK produce manual stacker in ghaziabad different color as per customer requirement. Manual stacker moved with minimum force and its design that allows 360º rotations.



Easy 3 position control handle– Raise, Lower, Neutral.
The stacker lifts the weights with a manual or pedal hydraulic device and loads weights with manual pull and push at a low position.
Manual stacker speed is controlled by using the pedal and hand lever.
AAK manual stacker is available in double tone safety color scheme with durable powder coat paint.
The high efficiency cast-pump jack has a one year manufacturer’s limited warranty.
Heavy duty iron saddle wheels gives high durability of hand stacker during up/dn movement.
The handle automatically returns to vertical upon release.
Structural made by heavy duty steel.
Manual stacker can be raised up to 3000mm off the ground as per customer requirement.
Its Reduce time lost to personnel injuries and help increase your facility’s productivity.
We provides handler 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 kg Capacity.
Easy use by all operators. Regular handle discharges the load.
Extremely small turning radius grants it to be operated in the more narrow space.
It applies C frame with the more stable and secure lift with extra strength.
We provide fixed fork and movable fork as per customer requirement.

Discription Unit AMS 1016 AMS 1030   AMS 1516 AMS 2016
Capacity Kg 1000   1500 2000
Load Center mm     580    
Max. Lift Height mm 1600 3000   1600
Min. Fork Height (F. Top) mm     85-90    
Mast Height mm 2050 2150   2050
Fork Length mm     900/1100    
Fork Width mm     150 -160    
Overall Fork Width mm     570 / 680 (Variable)    
Cylinder Stroke mm 800 1500   800
Load roller (Single) mm     ¢80 x 70    
Steering Wheel mm     ¢180 x 50    
Overall Dimensions mm     1450 (L) x 750 (W) x 1950(H)    
Turning Radius mm     1320 / 1450    
Material of Wheel Std.     Nylon / PU    
Overall weight kg 225 277   252 268


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