Poka-yoke tooling; something we base our systems around to ensure the elimination of any errors and non-conforming products in production processes. We ensure the upholding of our customers’ standards through creating tooling which controls the assembly process, allowing for recognition and elimination of mistakes within the process. All our tooling is of the highest quality thanks to our in-house machine shop and expert machinists, and is guaranteed a lifetime of reliability.

Coupled with PC control systems, assembly processes can be completely controlled by Poka-yoke tooling; both mechanically and as a prompt for operators about the next stage of the process. The software package provided by Uncease displays photo images during the assembly process, and can even control the process by progressing only if certain work instruction criteria are met. Through a combination of tooling and sensors, our assembly cells control assembly processes and can be easily operated, thus ensuring that shortcuts cannot be taken in assembly processes.