Semi Electric Pallet Truck

Patent 4.5mm thickness rib fork and high strength frame Global Pioneer designed switch handle and controller system, revolutionary reduce the electronic parts defects rate; Unique drive system with high energy-eff iciency to increase the reliability deeply Fitted with hydraulic pump from HPT, reduce the hydraulic system defects rate

Reverse-back button,emergency stop button, slope antiskid

resistance, drive wheel cover to increase the safety of the operator. Easy operating and maintenance. The most compact design,with small turning radius to save the operating and working space. Ergonomic design switch box for accurate and easy operating.



It’s a fork lift for double deck pallet.
Forward , Reverse , Up and Down control by motor.
Built in charger and a year manufacturer warranty.
Front wheel consist of polyurethane, which is quite and suitable for the land with oil paint.
All parts are made by high strength steel including hydraulic pump, fork frame, handle, push rod,
bearing, pin and bolt, etc.
Compact body so it’s very easy to use and it has fully sealed machined pump.
We use Curtis controller and gives a year manufacturer warranty.
Low noise and low power consumption make it better than other.
We add 2 balance wheel which make driving and lift more smoothly

Wheels: Pneumatic, Rubber wheel and Polyurethane wheel

Operator Type Std Walkie
Maximum load Capacity kg 2000
Overall length mm 1580
Overall Width mm 550/685
Maximum Height mm 115
Minimum Height mm 85
Turning Radius mm 1380
Load Wheels (PU) mm 80 X 59
Steering Wheels(PU) mm 210×70
Drive Motor Speed (With / Without Load) Km/Hr 3.5/4
Drive Motor Power Kw 0.65
Battery Voltage / Capacity V/Ah 24/30
Battery Type Industrial Exide / Imported
Battery Indicator Type Digital
Battery Weight Kg 18 -20
Break Type Electromagnetic
Gross Weight Kg 145 – 150


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