Swivel Wheel Sorter


Main features:

  1. High productivity, modular diversion system with pivoting wheels
  2. 30°, 45°, 90° diversion
  3. 2-3 sorting ways
  4. Modular system
  5. Diversion by pneumatic or electrical drivers (no air)

The  Wheel Sorter uses a pivoting wheels technology that enables a diversion up to 90°, so it’s also perfect for small spaces. Its simple maintenance and high productivity make it an ideal solution aimed at couriers, both for simple requirements and most structured hubs (up to 9,000 pph). The technology is particularly adapted to complex settings with automated and semi-automated manufacturing.

The Switch Wheel technology with pivoting wheels allows the products to be diverted with no interruption, handling of envelopes and particularly light packages in general. Its modularity allows the implementation of the output number anytime, and a simple, immediate response to any volume increase. According to layout needs, the diversion can be made to the right or to the left, with customized outputs. Thanks to its low maintenance and high productivity, this solution is ideal for couriers, from simple processes to the most structured in a distribution hub. The facility is particularly adapted to automated and semi-automated complex manufacturing environments.


  1. Bidirectional system
  2. Fully customize length and width
  3. Variable angle diversion up to 90°
  4. Adjustable speed according to production needs
  5. Highly rugged structure
  6. Low energy consumption
  7. Low maintenance
  8. Low noise and vibrations