Secret to running an efficient warehouse

The secret to running an efficient warehouse is to add a few steps to material handling so that workers do the work fast and safely. The biggest obstacle that takes a lot of time while production is when the equipment needs to be changed while working for example: loading and unloading trucks, delivering load to factory etc. The following equipment would help make your work more productive without wasting a lot of time.

Transporting load to and from factory:

A pallet truck can be used for this purpose. It is a trolley that is used to lift and transport. A pallet truck can raise and lower the equipment which helps in lifting and lowering the goods. This is a basic form of a forklift.

Used where wooden pallets are used. They come in different sizes and ranges, here are a few options to consider:

  1. Long fork pallet truck: This has a longer fork for longer pallet. These are strong and steady and used for heavy duty work. It weights around 308 pounds with a dimension of 27*49*86 and capacity up to 4460 pounds.
  2. Semi electric pallet truck: This has an electric motor to propel the tuck but uses hydraulic pumps to raise the fork. The dimensions are around 27*48.5*65.75.

These can only be used at the work floor and not for lifting the equipment to the shelves, for that purpose fork stackers are used which are explained below:


Loading and unloading trucks at the dock: When you want to move objects from the truck and put them directly onto the shelves. You would have to use fork shelves which serve the both the purpose of moving equipment from the truck and move the equipment to different shelves. Some of the fork shelve you can use are:


  1. Powered telescoping fork shelves: These are very good at placing the goods onto shelves and even the higher ones. It is of 1230 pounds and has a dimension of 27*48.5*68.
  2. Electric high lift pallet truck: This has a scissor lift that allows you to move the goods onto lower shelves or to the production floor. It is of 373 pounds and can incorporate 2200 pounds. Has a dimension of 27*48.5*60.

What is you want to use drums?

Drums are cylindrical in shape, and they need equipment designed especially for them so that no hazard is created and has a good grip on them. The above-mentioned fork shelves and forklift are well suited for drums. The following equipment can be used for drums:

  1. Drum movers or palletizers: These help to move drums up to 19” high and can move drums from one pallet to another. Made of rimmed steel, plastic or fiber and has a capacity of 1000 pounds. The steps are simple just move the drum palletizer near the drum and make it drip the upper rim of the drum and then it will hold it in an upright position for ease in transportation.
  2. Pallet drum lifter: This can be used for lifting and clamping the steel drums. Eights up to 110 pounds and has a capacity up to 660 pounds. Has a dimension of 28.5*47.5*42”. These dimensions help accommodate the drums with ease.

Material handling can be one of the methods due to which the work can be done fast and with ease and if you wish to keep your warehouse productive you should have the proper equipment and the correct knowledge on how to use them. Make sure they suit your requirements.

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