Should you push or pull a pallet truck?

A Pallet jack or Pallet Truck as it is more popularly known is a wheeled trolley which has been designed by the engineers to lift and transport pallets.

The truck’s tapered fork slot underneath the pallet and the pump handle are used to raise and lower heavy machinery or weight or goods or manufactured products.

Pallet trucks are commonly seen in warehouses, Stockrooms and malls. It is a quite simple device that allows a person to pick up and move a palletized load which can weigh up to several times that of the operator.

Scientifically speaking a normal person can push four times the weight they can pull. Due to body mechanics pushing something requires less force than pulling something. But it also depends on the object in question whether it should be pulled or pushed. That is why the question arises in case of pallets of whether it is easy to pull them or to push them.

In the case of pallets, we should also consider the safety of the operator since the weight is pretty heavy. On an average basis it is easy to push a pallet. An operator will be strongest when pushing it using his legs as a strong foundation.

It’s generally advised not to pull a pallet. Using both of your arms for pulling a pallet jacket behind you is the ultimate recipe for injury and accidents because if you were to stop suddenly it may be dangerous. Also, while pulling such a heavy weight, you also risk yourself while twisting your body to control the device.

This causes an increased probability of hurting your lower back. While pulling you have your back to the weight which is not the ideal scenario.

While pushing you have better control as well as better attention to steer and maneuver the pallet and the load on it. Logically stating pushing takes up less of your energy than pulling the pallet.

Which is the reason why experts and manufacturers advise the owner to push the pallet and not to pull it.

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