Stainless steel pallet trucks

The pallet trucks can be an important device for people who handle daily items. In fact, for those who spend their work days moving warehouse stock or loading and unloading goods, a humble pallet mower is the ultimate essential.

Pallet trucks come in many different categories: from battery-powered, electric pallet trucks, mini pallet trucks and rough terrain pallet trucks. As such, some models are better than others for specific tasks. When choosing the right palette mover for your work, one of the most important options to keep in mind is the material. When it comes to materials, they are not much better than the universal appeal of stainless steel.


Why Stainless Steel Pallet Truck?

For companies that have to follow strict sanitary guidelines such as in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, galvanized steel pallet trucks and stainless steel pallet trucks are the top choices – and with good reason. Unlike  pallet trucks, galvanized and stainless-steel frames offer better resistance to bacteria and are better able to understand the harsh demands of their respective environments.

Stainless steel is also great at maintaining its shape under extreme temperatures as well as heavy loads. This enhanced durability makes stainless steel pallet trucks a major investment over the long term, providing a one-two punch of heavy hygiene.

Galvanized  stainless steel pallet trucks are one of the most popular choices among food handling and companies that have hygiene requirements that other companies cannot. Here are some of the reasons.


Sanitation benefits.

Since their adoption in the early 1900s, pallet trucks have been used primarily to carry heavy pallet loads in warehouses. However, given their easy mobility and ease of operation, they have been adopted in other unique environments. These include chemical laboratories, food processing plants, and pharmaceutical companies, which have very high sanitary and wash-down requirements, which ordinary palette jacks sometimes cannot accommodate. The jack’s galvanized and stainless steel frame helps it withstand harsh environments, without damaging or spoiling bacteria. A non-corrosive frame also helps protect the pallet frame from easy wear.


Strong and light construction.

The stainless steel frame is lighter, making it easier to drive pallet trucks on flat and bent surfaces. The light structure also ensures that the jack does not place unnecessary loads on the surfaces on which it is being used. Many jack frames are made using a grinding channel, so there are no joints where bacteria can get trapped. Stainless steel is good in retaining its form even when exposed to extreme temperature variations and loads. Overall, this ensures that the pallet truck remains in good working condition for years on end.


Good ROI

The galvanized stainless steel pallet jack is designed for durability even when used in harsh environments. With this, most people would consider them in the high-end market. However, given the fact that their design focuses more on their sanitary and wash-down benefits, counteracts weariness and reduces maintenance costs, they will provide a better ROI. These pallets will provide years of service without the need for truck replacement, saving you the costs for maintenance and regular replacement.



Pallet trucks come in various sizes and designs. This allows you to choose the right jack based on the type, weight and amount of weight required to carry it to your warehouse each day. You can choose between manually operated and electric pump jacks depending on your needs and budget. The manually operated variety is generally cheaper and less complicated to use. The electric variety, on the other hand, provides better control and will generally bear a greater load than the manually operated type. They also come with additional features that make operation easier and increase safety for both the operator and the load.

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