The Benefits of an Adjustable Span Straddle Fork Stacker

Buying equipment for your homes or warehouses may seem like a best option at first sight but it’s always a good idea to make the best use out of it. It may seems to be expensive but it really can do wonders if you use it efficiently. Buying equipment in today’s world is really very important.  They are up to date with latest technologies which offers you smooth functioning & acts as an energy or time saver. You get loads of skids and pallets to move up & down or you need to move them to lower shelves or into working position through a machine, then an adjustable Span straddle fork stacker becomes need of an hour as a  helping hand.

When extra power & lifting heights of these machines are not in need, Fork Stackers works as a substitute in place of luxurious forklift trucks. It is also an economical solution for loading and unloading of trailers.

The Benefits of the Straddle Legs

Fork stacker’s manufacturers remove these straddle legs because there are some limitations regarding fork stackers i.e. ability to get under pallet. If the legs of the stacker are under the forks, the slats of the pallet can stop the unit from maneuvering beneath the pallet in order to lift it. Though, the design can restrict the lift load capacity as the legs are the ones which provide stability for bulky loads.

The Benefit of Adjustable Span Straddle Legs

The flexibility and comfortability is what adjustable space legs offers on these stackers for different kinds of pallets & skids. You get two options if you get different sized skids or pallets having widths from 25” to 35”.  Firstly, get a large fork stacker for the 35” pallets and a smaller one for 25” pallets. Or you can just use the larger fork stacker  which can manage the biggest 35” pallet.

It is good to have the fork stacker near to the center of the load as much as possible. You would surely need more space in future to store larger stacker when not in utilization. That’s why, flexible legs comes along with it. You can decrease the leg span for storage and utilize the smaller pallets. You can also use the same fork stacker on the larger pallets and skids. Mentioning below are two adjustable span straddle fork stackers which will surely give you satisfaction and work as efficient worker:

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