The First Question to ask Your Material Handling Distributor.

You’ve almost probably heard of if you own a warehouse or material production facility.

It is a significant provider of electrical, industrial, and logistical services in the United States – and the world. They have been in business since 1922 and operate in seventeen countries.

Douglas Equipment is proud to represent material handling equipment as a distributor.

The following are some of the items that we carry:

  1. Pallet Jacks are a type of pallet jack that is use
  2. Dollies, Platform Trucks, and Carts
  3. Lifting Devices
  4. Hand Trucks (Hand Trucks)
  5. Equipment for Handling Drums
  6. Equipment for Docking and Shipping

 The pallet jack from is the most popular item we give to our customers. offers a variety of pallet jacks, each with its own set of capabilities and benefits. 

The straight unpowered pallet jack, which relies exclusively on human action, is ideal for uncomplicated operation. Standard sizes and combinations are available, but also manufactures specialty manual pallet  jacks, such as drum lifters and high rise pallet jacks.



We also makes powered pallet jacks if your organization requires a little more than human labor to transport products around your warehouse or production facility. These are ‘walk behinds,’ in which the operator walks behind the jack while an electric motor provides power.


These devices are an excellent balance between a manual pallet jack’s light-duty capability and the cost of a forklift. Offers a deluxe light-duty power pallet truck with a 3300-pound capacity, as well as a deluxe heavy-duty power pallet truck with a 4,400-pound capacity.

We are frequently asked questions as a dealer of material-handling equipment.

Fortunately, we are always willing to respond. This is the most often asked question:


What are the Benefits of a Pallet Jack, and Why Do I Need One for My Business?

Many businesses believe that the only choice for transporting pallets is to use a forklift truck.

Typically, this is not the case. Pallet jacks are much easier to repair than forklifts in the first example.

A forklift is a mechanical device with many moving parts and electrical components that is powered by electricity. The more pieces a piece of machinery has, the more likely something will go wrong,  and the more parts will need to be maintained.

The main concerns with a pallet jack, even a motorized pallet jack, are lubrication and electricity.

If you keep your pallet jack well oiled, you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

Aside from lubrication, all you have to do with a motorized pallet jack is change the battery when it  stops charging, which is a very simple procedure.

There are extra expenditures associated with a forklift that are just not there with pallet jacks, numbers of which are frequently overlooked. For freshers, you won’t need to train someone to use a pallet  jack, but only qualified individuals are authorized to operate forklifts, so if you buy a forklift, you’ll need  to provide extensive training.

The following are some additional benefits of a pallet jack over a forklift:

  • Pallet jacks are substantially less expensive than forklifts, even if they are motorized.  This has several advantages. For starters, having several pallets on the move at any given time, rather than just one pallet being moved by a forklift, will make your production  floor much more efficient. Second, if your forklift breaks down or requires routine  maintenance, your manufacturing floor may come to a standstill. Even if  one of your pallet jacks has to be repaired, you can still move products about your  facility using the rest of your fleet.
  • Pallet jacks take up less space than a forklift, making storage considerably easier.
  • This is particularly useful when storage space is limited. Forklifts are also significantly taller,  reducing your storage space even further.
  • Of course, forklifts require power, and the majority of forklifts are powered by a  rechargeable battery. If your operators forget to leave your forklift on a charging station  overnight, or the charging system fails for some reason, you’ll wake up with a  completely  worthless machine.

Of all, a pallet jack isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to your logistical problems.  Even a fleet of pallet jacks (even motorized pallet jacks) will not be enough to get the job  done if your factory floor staff are expected to shift pallets around all day, every day. You run the risk of operator exhaustion and injury. Your pallet jacks, like your forklifts,  cannot operate without power, even if it is manpower! An injured operator should be avoided at all costs because they will be out of your available personnel pool for an extended  period of time, not to mention the risk of litigation.

Although there are various benefits to employing pallet jacks and motorized pallet jacks, particularly  ones made by us, it’s critical that you understand all of the factors to consider before purchasing  them, as well as which options are best for your business. We at are always delighted to offer assistance and advise on extensive  product line. To connect with one of our knowledgeable support representatives, simply pick up the phone and contact 1-800-451-0030.  You can also contact us through our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible after receiving your message.

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