It’s easy to believe that a motorized pallet jack truck will always be the greatest option for your material transportation needs, but this isn’t always the case. When it comes to design, sometimes less is more. The strain on the worker using a hydraulic (manual) pallet jack truck may be higher than with a power aided pallet jack truck, but you’ll have more maneuverability.


This is a valuable asset that should not be overlooked. With the rising expense of warehouse space, more companies are attempting to cram as much goods as possible into their current area. In a space-constrained setting, a basic hydraulic pallet jack truck might be the answer to inventory control.

Since 1955, Robon Equipment has witnessed the evolution of material shipping equipment technologies. We’ve been in business for 30 years, and we’ve built a reputation for providing outstanding customer service, in-depth product expertise, and low-cost casters and equipment. We provide services to a wide range of businesses, with a particular focus on the medical, maritime, and hospitality sectors.

We also make certain that our high-quality items are available to residential clients at the same cheap costs as our business customers. We can ship swiftly and conveniently to places in the North and South America, as well as anyplace in the United States.


Because of its capacity to operate in tight spaces, the hydraulic pallet jack truck is an excellent piece of equipment for a number of sectors. The hydraulic pallet jack truck, unlike the electric pallet jack truck, lacks the additional weight required to lift and lower the pallet forks or store batteries and a battery charger. This pallet jack has been stripped down and may be used in a variety of situations.


  • Grocery Stores – We’ve all had difficulties travelling along an aisle in a grocery store when another consumer approaches from the opposite direction. Assume you’re stocking the cereal aisle from a pallet. In the United States, a typical pallet size is 40” X 48” and holds at least 2,205 pounds. As a result, the pallet and pallet jack sizes are unavoidable. A hydraulic pallet jack, such as our Robon Pallet Truck, is used by night shift stockers. It features a powerful hydraulic pump and can handle up to 5,000 pounds. The handle is ergonomically intended to provide optimum worker comfort when lowering and rising the truck forks, rotating and moving the pallet as near to the target position as possible.


  • Chain Retail Store – These pallets can also be used in a big box retail store. Take a look at a Target or Walmart store. These businesses sell groceries, clothing, electronics, and a variety of other items all day long. They’re bursting at the seams with customers. That supply has to be refilled at night, and this is generally handled by a night crew of personnel. One of these personnel may benefit from the use of a hydraulic pallet truck. One of these employees would benefit greatly from the use of a hydraulic pallet truck. Target and Walmart’s sales floors have a variety of aisle sizes, lengths, and widths since they’re not just a food shop, a clothes store, or an electronics store. Due to its size and huge turning radius, getting an electric pallet jack truck into some of those areas would be exceedingly difficult. For these sorts of scenarios, a pallet jack truck such as the CPII Pallet Truck would be perfect.



  • Back Room Storage-There is a storage space in every grocery store and retail shop for merchandise that has been unloaded from tractor trailers and is ready to be placed out on the sales floor. These stockrooms are generally very constrained in terms of space. These are not the company’s warehouses. Food Lion and Walmart both have warehouses where large quantities of items are kept. A retailer gets a tiny percentage of those and only keeps what it anticipates to sell in a short period of time. Because the pallets must first be unloaded from the tractor trailers, a hydraulic pallet truck is a vital equipment. These aren’t ideal circumstances.

Typically, a pallet truck picks up a pallet and transports it to a predetermined temporary storage         area before returning and gently loading it onto the trailer. In a trailer, there aren’t any aisles.


  • Space Efficient Warehouses– Huge firms have large warehouses, but they also have large bills and expenses. Space Efficient Warehouses – High companies have large warehouses, but they also have large bills and costs. Many firms strive to reduce their operating costs by maximizing space. They might do that if they can decrease their operating budget and fit two or three additional aisles of items into a huge warehouse by reducing the aisles to three feet wide. This is where a hydraulic pallet jack comes in handy. It will be able to move in this condensed area, then transport items to individual retailers on pallets loaded into tractor trailer vehicles. An electric pallet jack is a useful tool, but its size and requirement for additional space to work limit its use in this setting.

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