Top 3 Heavy Duty Material Handling Equipment with Wheels

Material handling equipment is a general term commonly used to classify mechanical equipment used to control, move, and store materials and products. The equipment can be used for several types of environments, including manufacturing plants, distribution centers, warehouses, medical facilities, and even outlets. The prime goal of heavy-material-handling-equipment is to decrease the amount of physical handling that would require otherwise. Extreme manual handling often leads to user fatigue and directly affects production efficiency. Physical handling also has the risk of injury, leading to employees taking sick leave and potential litigation issues. Investment in heavy- material-handling-equipment will increase the speed, efficiency, and decrease the time taken of any company’s production process. Casters and wheels play a significant role in many types of material handling equipment.


You will find conveyor systems in large volume handling production environment. Conveyor systems are usually used when production items move along a defined, fixed route that is part of a single or multiple processes. Conveyors can be used to transport assorted items to where they are required, or to get rid of waste or items that need to be reused or recycled.

Of course, there are many types of conveyor systems and you can install conveyor that can easily handle heavy tasks. Most people get the impression that the conveyor is company’s fixed part of production process, but that is false. By adding casters and wheels, many transportation systems can be made portable. This allows the conveyor to be used in multiple areas within the production facility, no matter where it is. If the conveyor is designed to move infrequently, leveling feet can also be installed to increase stability.

For reliable conveyors, we recommend equipment that we can supply from Omni Metalcraft Corp. The company can provide companies with high-standard heavy-duty conveyors and other items, including plastic cross-rolling conveyor belts that are very suitable for heavy-duty applications. Omni Metalcraft Corp. can also provide you with a motorized chain drive roller conveyor, providing an efficient way to move sizable items around the warehouse.


Powered Heavy-Duty Material-Handling Equipment


The range of possible heavy load material transport equipment is very wide and can involve:

  • Forklifts Side loaders
  • Pallet lifters
  • Trucks and carts

This type of equipment is used to transport big items or equipment’s that otherwise would be difficult to transport physically. Unlike conveyor systems, motorized heavy duty material handling equipment can be used to transport items from A to B, including lifting items to a higher stacking area to make the most of space available at the production facility.

Powered heavy equipment Material transport equipment is commonly used in large distribution centers and warehouses.

The main drawback of this type of device is that it tends to be expensive. Cheaper options include semi-powered equipment designed to aid lifting rather than carrying. For example, some types of “walk behind” forklifts are just portable, manually operated hydraulic lifts. Designed to be used to place items in storage devices that cannot be reached without excessive amounts of manual processing.

Most power heavy load material handling equipment items use wheels and casters. For example, rollers, trolley carts and forklift devices.

Manual Heavy-Duty Material-Handling Equipment


Manual material handling equipment is designed for physical use, but if professionally designed, there is no reason it is not suitable for heavy duty applications. Trolleys and carts, if intelligently designed and manufactured, can hold significant loads, and can move large, bulky items such as furniture and heavy equipment. The only downside to manual sturdy material handling units is that they must be manipulated manually, so many of these items are much cheaper than fortified items.

Manual Pallet Lift Allows manual operation to move a pallet into place, for example using wheels and wheels mounted under the machine. The next usually uses a hydraulic pump or jack to lift the pallet. These items are used for light load work because they are manually powered and controlled. For more labor-intensive work, you need powered, heavy-duty material hauling equipment.

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