Top Five Surprising Facts About Material Handling Equipment

5 Surprising Facts About Material Handling Equipment

The material handling industry suffered like most businesses after the financial disaster of 2008, but over the past decade or so, a distinct improvement in the industry’s growth has been easy to discern. Material handling can improve customer service by making products easy to find, move, and ship out, cut costs by reducing the amount of time spent moving products and reduce product damages by properly transporting your products.

  1. When Purchasing Material Handling Equipment Seek Out a Partner

The number one mistake people make when buying material handling equipment is that they seek a vendor instead of a partner. They always go for the cheapest deal they can find then switch to another vendor who offers the cheapest deal.

It is much better in the long run if you establish a worthwhile and valuable partnership with a single supplier then you will reap all the benefits of a successful, long-term relationship, and you will know there is someone you can turn to whenever the need arises.

  1. Always Look for Ways to Optimize the Ways You Use Material Handling Equipment

The surprising thing about material handling equipment in this regard is that the majority of it actually pays for itself in the long-term. By purchasing such equipment you will likely streamline your operations and become more efficient. This can in turn generate more revenue than if you were to adhere to your present model of operation.

  1. Some Material Handling Equipment Can Be More Expensive Than They Seem

When it comes to lift trucks, it may surprise you to learn that the initial outlay is only around 10% of what the truck will cost you during its lifetime. The other 90% is made up of maintenance, operation, machine parts, repairs and charging. Analyze the performance of your trucks like what they do, where they go and how often they need charging and maintaining. Make the most common routes around your warehouse the shortest ones, and make maintenance a key part of your routine.

  1. Embrace New Technologies Instead of Fearing Them

Like all aspects of the business world, the material handling realm is one that is always looking to adapt to new technologies and to embrace advances in automation and computerization. Alternatives to traditional solutions should always at least be considered, such as new battery-charging options and alternative energy systems. The whole point of technical advances is that they increase efficiency and productivity, and if you simply ignore them. Make sure you keep abreast of the latest technologies, and remain open rather than close minded. In doing so, you will more than likely find that your operations have the potential to improve significantly.

  1. How Many Lift Trucks You Have Can Massively Affect Your Business

The key to a successful warehouse facility is to have just the right number of lift trucks. Too few and your warehouse will be under stress and could fail to run efficiently. The best person to work with when it comes to the maintenance of your lift truck fleet is most likely to be your material handling equipment vendor. They will work with you in helping to evaluate your fleet of lift-trucks and how you can run at maximum efficiency. If you do this make sure that you obtain accurate data in real time. When you have the numbers, it will be much easier for you to understand how you can best manage your fleet.

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