For customers who are building their own industrial or warehouse facility, there are several tools that will make the job easier. Chief among these is the straddle stacker, or pallet stacker, which is used to easily maneuver a series of pallets through a cramped storage space within warehouse areas and other commercial facilities. These essential pieces of equipment are far more versatile than traditional forklifts, and they have some great benefits for warehouse operations that are short on space and staff members.


The Straddle Stacker is a Great Way to Work in Tight Spaces

Not every warehouse has endless square footage to work with, and that often means that smaller companies need to learn how to do more things with less overall space. The best way to meet these demands is to purchase a straddle stacker to manage both full and empty pallets in a compact warehouse environment.

Unlike forklifts, straddle stackers are very compact. They don’t require an area for the operator to sit down or operate complex controls, and this eliminates a great deal of their overall bulk. The straddle stacker is operated with one person standing behind it, operating it as if it were a simple pallet jack. This allows for one or more pallets to be easily moved in a tight space where a forklift simply would not be able to fit.


Business Owners Don’t Have to Sacrifice Efficiency or Ergonomics

The straddle stacker is just as compact as a pallet jack, if not more so. It’s able to lift pallets much higher than a typical jack, as well, improving the efficiency with which pallets can be unloaded or stacked for transport throughout a facility. And most straddle stackers are operated using electronic controls and hydraulic systems, meaning they won’t sap the energy of employees during a typical shift.

These features make a straddle stacker an essential tool for business owners who need to promote efficient operation within confined spaces. Their usefulness will allow all employees to quickly and efficiently manage pallets throughout the facility.


Secure in All Industrial or Commercial Settings

One area where forklifts and straddle stackers are the same is their ability to be protected using an ignition key. The straddle stacker can only be operated by an individual who has the proper key in the ignition. If no key is present, the equipment remains unusable and immobile. This promotes security as well as employee safety, allowing only those with the right skills and training to operate the equipment.


Let Robon Automation Equipment Find the Best Straddle Stacker

Douglas Equipment has been helping warehouses find the right equipment for decades, and we know exactly which straddle stacker is right for each facility. Be sure to contact us today to see how we can help make a straddle stacker a key part of your facility’s daily operations.

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