What is Electric Stacker and it’s uses

Electric stacker or walkie stacker is a device, found in warehouses, used for lifting and loading pallets as well as stacking loads or to store pallets in high shelves. The name itself has the word stack in it, hence the primary use of the device becomes pretty obvious.

The power propelled device has a mast and fork that help in the lifting and stacking of loads mainly pallets. The device can move in two directions horizontally and vertically. Horizontally it moves via the rail and vertically by lifting up its boom. They are most commonly used in place of a forklift, where the use of the latter is not necessary.

Just like other machineries that is used in warehouses and other places where loading and transportation are necessary work, such as pallet jack, electric stackers are of different type too.


Walkie Straddle stacker: They use straddle leg for distributing load weight. The legs which straddle the pallet, so that the device can be as close to the pallet without leaving much space. Thus this allow them to take up only little space and hence is commonly used in small warehouses and storerooms.

Walkie Reach Stacker:  They possess a scissor mast (observe No.2 in the picture above) which allows them to move the load forward (away from the body of the device).

Ride on Walkie Stacker: They are similar in design to the standard walkie stacker but they come with a platform that allows the operator to ride on.

Counter Balance Walkie stacker: These use counter balance weight to distribute loads thus allowing them to operate on narrow lanes.

Standard walkie stacker: They have legs that sit under the fork to distribute load weight, which enables them to handle two pallets at the same time. One of their disadvantage is that they can only lift bottomless pallets.

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