What is Hydraulic hand pallet truck??

The most basic of all material handling solutions and the most easy and economical to adopt is the Hydraulic hand pallet truck.

The Hydraulic hand pallet truck (HHPT) or also popularly known as Hand pallet trolley or Hand pallet jack is the simplest of the devices to move loads between 1 ton to 5 tones at the floor level with ease.

When a factory/ warehouse/ storage facility/ godown is thinking of organizing and mechanization of its material handling needs. HHPT is the best, versatile, very simple to maintain and very cost effective to adopt, also it does not require any special training for the existing staff to start using it effectively, with only a few hours of training.

Once the adoption of HHPT is complete and is giving the desired efficiency required, for the future if higher efficiencies are required, they can move forward with more complex machines like stackers or forklifts depending on the company’s growing needs.

The basic function of the HHPT is to lift load placed on pallets from the ground up to 200mm height and move them around with ease across the factory floors, on to loading docks for loading and off loading of containers, loading and off-loading trucks on purpose-built floors and ramps.

HHPt’s come in various popular options like with 1.0 ton or 1000kgs. Capacity, 2.5 tons or 2500 kgs. Capacity or 5.0 tons or 5000 kgs, these are usually available fabricated in steel with plastic or polyurethane wheels.

Also, adoption of HHPT is extremely safe as mostly all the load movement is happening almost at the ground level so chances of accidents are also very low and material handling becomes more efficient and compliant to avoid injuries related to lifting heavy weights by persons and in turn causing serious and long-term injuries to these persons.

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