What is Hydraulic Stacker and it’s uses?

Hydraulic stackers have the same application as that of electric stackers except their method of functioning depend mainly on hydraulic pressure unless it’s a semi electric hydraulic stacker. It looks similar to other loading devices such as electric tacker and some pallet jacks. Their similarity in basic design makes it harder to distinguish between them but when you observe closely you can notice slight difference. This confusion only arises if you are new to the world of technology.

A basic hydraulic hand stacker is really simple like a pallet jack and is easy to lift and transport loads using it. Majority of them comes with adjustable fork and outrigger legs. Using it one can make very sharp turns because many of the hydraulic stackers have a very small turning radius.

To lift the forks, you can use both the handle (that work as pumping handle and can be used for steering) and the pedal. You pump the handle up and down using your hands to lift the load off the ground and pedal or second handle using your leg to lift it further up.

While handling it one has to be careful with their feet because with the heavy load intact if it rolls over your foot it will be damaged badly (how bad damage will depend on the weight on the stacker), in order to prevent this the stackers comes with a toe /feet protector.

These are the main features of a hydraulic stacker. As said it is a simple machinery but one shouldn’t be ignorant or careless when using it. It is better to be cautious than to regret later.

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