When you need Hand Pallet Truck most


Many have applications where a hand truck can make things more productive. If you are moving larger items around, but don’t need the power of a fork lift or power stacker, then there are a variety of heavy-duty hand trucks that can help. Equally, if you are moving smaller items like a stack of boxes, then a lighter-duty hand truck can be indispensable.

Heavy Upright Loads that Need Extra Support

If you are using a hand truck to move a large and/or heavy piece of equipment such as a freezer or vending machine, you will need some added support. In this instance it is important to consider a hand truck that will allow you to place the device into position when upright and then easily tilt back into a position to move the load where desired without breaking your back!

Choose a Hand Truck with Easy Storage for Lighter Loads

There are countless times when you need to transport a pile of boxes or other small items either around your warehouse, onto a truck or into your manufacturing environment. A simple hand truck is a quick and easy way to get the job done.

The model below adds the additional benefit of folding so that you can easily store the unit, especially if smaller loads are infrequent in your warehouse. You also have the option of sending this smaller hand truck along with a delivery driver to help with the unloading of cargo.

When considering these five positions, you have a truck that can be used in almost any application, including a replacement for a platform truck.

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