Where do you put hydraulic fluid in a pallet jack?

Pallet jack is a simple tool used in warehouse and construction sites to load and transport wooden pallets. It is a very simple machinery that mainly work with the help of a hydraulic system, the hydraulic fluid provides the pressure which helps in the working of the pallet jack.

So when you have a pallet jack it is important to know where the hydraulic fluid is stored as the main complications the tool faces can be due to some error in the hydraulic system like low fluid level or wrong density oil or air in the hydraulic unit or leak due to torn O-Ring.


Since the pallet jack doesn’t have many parts in it due to its simple structure and working method it’s quite easy to locate the hydraulic reservoir, where one put the hydraulic fluid for the proper functioning of the tool.

The hydraulic pump and reservoir are located at the base of the handle just behind the hydraulic lifting cylinder and piston. Now let’s see how one can access this and check for the hydraulic fluid level and even fill it up if necessary.

Following are the steps to follow to check and fill the fluid.

  • To begin with, lower the forks of the pallet jack using the lever present in the handle.
  • Remove the fill plug that is present in the sides of the reservoir if the hydraulic pump unit (located at the base of the handle) along with the washer.
  • Check the level of the hydraulic fluid. The oil should be close to the opening of the fill plug. While checking note the color of the oil because if it appears milky that indicates that the oil is contaminated. If so, please drain the reservoir and fill it up with new oil.
  • Add the hydraulic fluid to the fill hole of the hydraulic reservoir. While filling please make sure to check the fluid level.
  • Also remember to pump the jack handle 10 to 15 times to bleed out any air trapped in the pump reservoir.
  • After filling the fluid to the destined level by repeating the steps 4 and 5 close. Return the fill plug and washer to its place. Wipe any excess fluid, if present, with an old cloth.
  • Don’t forget to make sure everything is screwed up tightly before one start using the pallet jack again.

This how one locate and change the fluid present in the reservoir of the hydraulic pump unit.

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