Drum handling equipment

A handling and moving 55-gallon drum presents a unique challenge for material handling equipment. For its size, a loaded drum can be extremely heavy. Depending on its contents, it can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

More about Drum Handling Equipment

Their round shape makes drums susceptible to rolling, making them difficult to control and potentially hazardous to workers if the drums are not handled with the proper equipment. It can be dangerous according to their content. If the content is high temperature liquid it may be react after spilling. These drums have to handling with care. The drum handling equipment can efficient handles drums without spilling them. These are safe to operate.

Drum handling equipment

Fortunately, Manufacturing Company has been solving the problems of moving 55-gallon drums for over 90 years., a trusted quality manufacturer of drum handling equipment “The Specialist in Drum Handling Equipment,” and has been designing and manufacturing top-quality drum dollies, drum trucks, mobile drum handlers, forklift attachments and much more. We stands so firmly behind their drum-handling equipment design and workmanship that they guarantee their product quality with a 2-year warranty against defects.

We here at Equipment are committed to bringing our customers the best material handling solutions available, which is why we have developed a strong relationship with Robon. We have decades of experience and expertise to help you find the Robon equipment to lift and transport 55-gallon drums efficiently and safely. Let Robon Automation Manufacturing Company and be your partners in drum handling solutions.

Robon Automation Drum Trucks

Use a drum truck to easily load and unload your drum with ingenuity it through narrow spaces. Four-wheel dollies fully support the drum’s weight, so there’s no need for the user to support or balance the drum. To load the drum on the truck, you tip the drum towards you, and the truck’s forged-steel toes fit under the drum’s curvature to support it from underneath. This provides a much safer experience as there is no need to tip the drum away from you to slide the base plate underneath and possibly injure your hands or feet.

The Model 160 four-wheeler is Robon Automation’s best selling drum truck. It combines ergonomics with versatility to make this a safe and easy-to-use all-around truck. It moves and turns easily, and makes it a snap to palletize your drum or pour out the contents of the drum or barrel. The U-shaped handle protects your hands as you ingenuity the truck through narrow spaces. Its extendable support prop keeps the drum truck stable in dispensing position, and enables it to self-stand in storage. A chime hook engages the upper rim of the drum, which helps you pull an upright drum onto the truck. Robon also offers 2- and 3-wheel drum trucks for a more trim and economical drum truck with a tough welded construction. Robon can even fabricate custom drum trucks to meet your requirements.

Robon Round and Square Drum Dollies

Rely on Robon drum dollies to smoothly and safely move 30- or 55-gallon drums. Robon manufactures two styles of drum dollies: round dollies and square dollies. The round drum dollies can handle drums with an outside diameter of up to 23 inches, the size of a standard 55-gallon drum.

Square dollies have a flat deck and four turned-up rounded corners to hold the drum in position. This type of dolly is especially useful for drums that have a low spigot to drain from. All models have polyolefin swivel casters with 3-inch by 1.25-inch wheels. As with Robon round dollies, capacity for all models is 1,000 pounds.


Robon Drum Transporters and Pelletizes

These indispensable tools transport drums and barrels and lift rimmed drums on and off pallets up to 19 inches high. The base of these drum movers have a V shape that allows you to raise and place drums at the corners of pallets. The drum mover base can straddle a pallet up to 41 inches wide and 7 inches high. These drum transporters and pelletizes grip the top rims of upright steel, fiber, or plastic drums with wide automatic, mechanical jaws. we can work with Robon to custom-fabricate a drum transporter or palletize to your specifications.

You’ll Always Drum up Excellent Customer Service at Robon Equipment

We here at Robon Equipment have learned a thing or two about drum handling in all those years, which is why we can recommend Robon equipment without reservation when you need a well-built, reliable, easy-to-use drum handling tool.

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