Why Do I Need to Replace A Dock Leveler?

There are many reasons why we need to replace or upgrade a Dock Leveler.
Dock Leveler is long-lived equipment but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need any
maintenance from time to time. Like a bridge, a dock leveler gets driven a lot and
wears out eventually. Generally, Dock Leveler is controlled with the help of a pull

Dock Levelers Basics:
Dock leveler is an item that is used to create the bridge across the small gap
between delivery vehicles and the facility’s floor. Its main purpose is to allow
trucks and cargo to easily move into and out of space.

It is a height-adjustable platform used to ensure smooth transition between dock and truck which helps to
prevent forklift accidents that can cause serious injuries and damages.

Dock Leveler is either pulled with a chain, known as Mechanic Dock Leveler or it is
controlled hydraulically. Hydraulic dock leveler is used to raise and lower the
dock, while another is used to operate the lip.

Reasons for replacing a Dock Leveler:
From time to time, Dock levelers should be upgraded or replaced. It is said that
after 90 days, it should be given for its service.


There are some main reasons for replacing a Dock Leveler:
1. The lip won’t fully extend.
2. The dock is below floor level.
3. The leveler doesn’t meet your loading requirements.
4. The dock is above floor level.
5. The lip is cracked.
6. The dock isn’t rising properly.
7. The leveler has safety issues.
8. The leveler is rusting.

Common types of Dock Levelers:
There are different types of Dock levelers with different functionalities:

1. Air-powered Dock Levelers: It is a kind of dock leveler which is mainly
operated by air-powered systems. There is no electricity needed in the
Dock Pit. The best thing about the Air-powered dock leveler is that it does
require too much expense for its installation.

2. Mechanical Dock Levelers: Mechanical Dock Levelers are very easy to
operate, more durable and incur zero energy costs. The massive
advantage is that you can replace it with a hydraulic dock leveler anytime
you want. Its capacity range is from 25,000 to 30,000. And, it has a life
expectancy of 5 to 7 years.

3. Hydraulic Dock Levelers: Hydraulic Dock Leveler is the most powerful
dock leveler. Hydraulic levelers are very easy to operate and require
minimum maintenance. It has a smoother process than mechanical ones
because these are operated through an electric control panel. It doesn’t
require an operator to manually use a pull-chain. Hydraulic Dock leveler
has a life expectancy of minimum 10 years.

4. Vertical Dock Levelers: Vertical Dock levelers are used by some of the
world’s largest companies. It allows complete control over the environment,
cleanliness and security. It stands up in a vertical position when not in use
and offers a complete seal when upright. It is operated using a hydraulic
system. Vertical Dock leveler helps in protecting forklift and operator during
loading/unloading. It is designed for temperature-controlled environments.

5. Edge of Dock Levelers: Edge of Dock leveler is affordable and used to
bridge the gap from the edge of a loading area to a truck. It is easy to
operate and is used for low volume facilities. It provides a higher level of
safety than dock plates.

6. Pit-Style Dock Levelers: Pit-Style Dock leveler is the most typical type of
dock leveler that has a wide operating range, load range and has more life
expectancy. Dock levelers are installed into pits that are formed into solid.
These pits are sized exactly to meet the requirements of the dock levelers.

After knowing about different types of dock leveler with their functions and
usefulness, you can easily decide which dock leveler is best for you. You
can buy the new dock leveler and replace it with your old one. From time to
time, replacing your dock leveler helps us to make the environment safe.

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